This episode of Fractal Marketing with Gerard Doyle is called “Winning Online Retail with Position & Purpose” and today’s guest is Marty Cornish, Founder of Defence Sporting Apparel (DSA).

Marty starts the conversation with an introduction to DSA and his military roots. He then shares the marketing success he has enjoyed with Facebook ads, email marketing, and direct messaging. Marty also shares the difficulties he is having with Facebook political ads and his plans for 2020 to enter foreign markets, most notably the US, UK, New Zealand, and Canada.


13:44 “Now, we’ve had our last product launch which was really effective. The first day of the launch, we sent a message and then on the last day when we’re closing off the product launch or the campaign, we go, look, last chance. We’re closing up. And just two, start of the campaign and end of campaign. So you’re not overbearing a message. You’re not spamming them and you’re building that urgency at the end too which is quite effective for us.”

17:05 “So then, going after audience insights, I started really noticing that my community is really into the outdoors. Like a lot of the other brands up there, their following is very outdoors and that’s when I started testing. So we came up with the great outdoors collection. The interesting thing I learned, my expectation on what I thought would be my existing community would buy. We did the edm’s and we got zero dollar sales.”

23:25 “I think maybe the campaigns, we will have it there because I think it fits in but I think we’re going to reduce our skew codes and kind of be more focused. At the end of the day, my mission, this year, is to take DSA, really break into the US, UK, and New Zealand and Canada markets.”

35:54 “A big part of my focus this year is we’ll get some insiders breaking through the US market with DSA because it’s such a bigger market. It’s such a bigger market cap. It’s going to be a challenge which I’m excited about and I think that’s where it gets exciting, that B2C, tapping into that audience because they’re very patriotic.”


06:49 Branding: How to appeal to the right target market

12:13 Extending into more niches

20:41 Creating a trusted brand and scaling

24:42 Market validation and supplying defence forces

29:14 Measuring referrals and exploring resellers

36:39 Facebook issues with political advertising in the US





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