This episode of Fractal Marketing features Lachlan Kirkwood, Digital Marketing Specialist and Founder of ClickThrough. He discusses Webflow, a champion of the no-code movement, and drills down their marketing strategies from content to paid advertising that fosters a robust online community of success stories.

By building a great product supported by informative content, Webflow creates lock-in with their users while still providing exportable features—ultimately resulting in social proof. The company is poised to take on WordPress and Wix by offering a similar service with the benefits of using no-code in the process.


01:29 Introduction to Webflow and the no-code movement

07:00 Webflow’s content strategy: Blogs, YouTube, and forums,

14:04 Paid advertising strategy and branding

19:55 Creating lock-in with a genuinely good product

32:35 Generating social proof with a product that integrates with third-parties


08:46 “Their main educational content is things like a series where they actually educate those users or those personas on how to better themselves. So they’ve got a blog series for building an agency or building a website with good SEO.”

10:35 “What they really focused on with YouTube is just putting out, again, really good tutorials on how to use their products, how to use no-code, how to build replica products, things like Uber or Instagram with no-code.”

20:09 “Webflow is, similar to Bubble, is free-to-use while you build your product. You’ll only pay for it once you put it into production environment. So by that point you’ve really built your application. You’re not going to want to rebuild that on another platform.”

27:47 “They do want to become the next WordPress or Wix and they have the chance of that becoming a real scenario so they want to, for the new people coming into no-code, to be able to provide those services where it is a one-click web hosting”

29:05 “Webflow, being more of a static kind of website builder that integrates with third-party tools to make that kind of logic possible, you can just export all your custom HTMLs and CSS.”


Webflow’s website:

ClickThrough’s website:

Lachlan’s Twitter:


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