This episode features Daniel McGowan and Louise Flynn, Growth Marketing Consultants for Fractal as they provide a marketing review and analysis of SEMrush.

They analyze the company’s dependence on Google and the way the brand appeals to their niche: end-users of a certain size that want to take their analyses in-house.

They also discuss SEMrush’s legacy as a fast brand, its wins and losses in pursuing an all-in-one offering, their evolution as an award-giving body, and what all this means for the company moving forward.


02:35 SEMrush: An interface to Google and a vulnerability to redundancy

07:02 Target market: Appealing to agencies versus end-users

16:05 Offering an all-in-one product: Pros and Cons

20:43 SEMrush Search Awards: Driving community forward

25:15 Certificates: A specialization or lock-in?


07:12 “We’re not looking to be a platform that supports every type of marketer–brand marketers, automation marketers. We are going with the prevailing wind which is, in the last 5 years, all the new jobs are digitally-focused.”

07:38 “There is a lot of benefit and growth in the automation space but ultimately where the money is and where the focus is for most business is in their digital space and supporting their digital teams.”

20:18 “They’re making sure that everyone around the digital operation is covered. There’s the analyst, the PPC guy, the SEO guy, and now the supporting content, bringing them all into the ecosystem. It’s all-in-one. You’re all using the same tool.”

21:46 “The benefit of being a company that’s been around a while now is that you now have a community that can do the work for you. And yes, that can be case studies and testimonials and all that sort of things, but awards are even better.”

26:53 “It actually hurts someone who has a SEMrush certificate, who does all this stuff, who knows all that, to go to a competitor because those competitors may have different ways of doing things and that certificate that you spent all that time getting means nothing.”


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