Like it or not, if you’re a founder of a Startup company your in sales.

In this episode, I chat with Matthew Whyatt of Velocity Selling. Matthew is a successful entrepreneur, having run his own businesses and in particular sales teams since he was 22, regularly outselling the long-established players in a number of markets.
Matthews’ relentless thirst for knowledge and his ability to apply that knowledge in real-world situations makes him a truly versatile salesperson. Matthew has owned companies with sales in excess of $100 Million in diverse areas such as IT and Software Consultancy, Real Estate, Health, Business Licensing and Franchising.



Sales for Startups, if youre a founder youre in sales

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Whether you realize it or not sales is very much part of the founders job. Not only could you be selling to customers. But you’re also to sell to investors here, employees and your friends and family after old. They’re the ones questioning why you started his journey in the first place on today’s episode. We talk all about sales. We try to help you become a better salesperson, even if it’s not a skill that Ye would instantly side that you have I’m Jared Doyle. And this is a facto podcast, right experts. From around the world to help you drive your business forward. Let’s get into this week’s episode. Hi. And welcome to this week’s episode where we’re going to be focusing all around sales and selling and how you can drive your business forward this week way. Joined by Matthew watt, who is the CEO of velocity selling. And luckily for us Matthew has a haven experience in beta based software and technology companies helping build scalable solutions, which is absolutely perfect. If you’re a founder out there and you’ll building a SAS dot up. Matthews executive kind of person you need to take advice from Saint Matthew. Thank you so much for joining absolute pleasure. How are you? I’m I’m very well. I was just just before we started the show. I just mentioned I had an unexpected delivery. And I’ve just run up the stairs carrying you stand up this. So if there’s a deeper breathing, and it’s episode that’s entirely because I’m unfitting for no other reason Totta podcast. Exactly sorry. Look people listening to this podcast by and large either founders of companies, they’re working in startup companies, and silence is often note the thing that they put down on this day. You don’t say sort of founder and and salesperson and so when I’m really keen to chat to the Stott hear about is. How does what does it look like when a found a has to take on sales? Like, how do they go about doing sales, inC, publicly competing bid veteran sales people who are out in the world working for large organization. That’s great question. And one thing I side of a lot of people is actually the fanned out the person came up with the idea row design, the audio is actually a really great position. They’re in a great position simply because they’re able to actually tell the story of how they went from being from in have I came to actually design develop and deliver the product they they can tell the story about how they soar problem. What that have that problem manifested in other areas in the world, and I. Routed to rather than complain about it rather than being a victim of it. Actually, go ahead and solve that issue. And that story is so powerful when you’re actually being the founder and being the the person who starts that fire. So I think that the the funnily enough, I think the fans out there who are listening to this actually have an advantage are of the Korea South post because if you look back at Korea South posted linked in profile or something like that that sort of jumping from one business to the next or let’s save them even been involved in a really big corporation full for many many years. They just don’t hold the same white is when the founded can go out and site, I saw this. So I sold it, and that’s a really great position to be in. And you can tell that story over and over this has lots of different ways, you can tell that story certainly through social media. And that’s really the the greatest thing to where the happen to I found a right now is that social media pace way. You can actually switch on. Facebook live switch on you’ll video. If you’re not comfortable with iceberg live, switch on the video and just talk about our soul this happening. And I solved by doing this. That’s really interesting. And I I totally agree with you. I can say that having that story having that passion having that origin story that you can dig in say, I’m not just selling this because it’s my job on selling it because this is my greater purpose. This is what I’m trying to achieve. So I can I can absolutely say how that’s an advantage. And it’s interesting for me. They you’ve kind of intersected Miwa held which I often think about which is marketing. So I think about Facebook live, and I think about it from a marketing point of view that dovetails beautifully into what you’ve just said, which is well, actually, it’s the side of the sales pitch. And I guess that’s where the two departments or disciplines actually, intersex absolutely star in marketing if traditionally and culturally, not really played well together, I was reading micro bushes book from Hobbs spot. And you know, he is sits and this is absolutely true. That salespeople view marketing is the ads and cross section. And then marketing these Siles as the as the slick suits and ties section and sorry. And really these two departments need to play really well together. Actually, I need to play seamlessly together. And that’s why a lot of businesses side that your sales and marketing manager now you can’t have old marketing because that’s just it. And if you can’t convert sil-, so so business mess. He business masses essentially leads in multiplied by conversion right equals number of customers. Number of customers. Multiply by transaction. Value is multiplied by times that they purchase from you is revenue. Then of course, you take away costs. Now, the pot that’s important. There is the fire stats with the lead coming in. 00:05:05 – 00:10:00 But then after that if you actually suck it conversion if you don’t know how to charge for your end saw a fantasy so many people say, oh, well, it took me six hours to build. This Sowell Bill six multiplied by two hundred dollars an hour. That’s the cost, and that’s a huge issue for a lot of technical businesses out. There is they undivided a ten fifteen twenty years of experience the shoulders standing on. Of the intellectual property of the mentors that aren’t value that so yes, it might only take you six hours to build the thing or or execute on the on the widget. But really it’s the six hours multiplied by the number of years to actually get this. So there’s a number of elements. Once you’ve got the leading if it’s a leaky bucket, if you’re not closing the premium number or the optimum number of deals if you’ll conversion right sucks than just pushing Malays while set will. Yes, it will get you more sales, but you’ll be super busy. And actually the later you get you get a great customer who’s absolutely perfect for you. He’ll be an amazing Mackey Connie gutter the mock and tell everybody how good you’ve done a good job you’ve done. But if you actually don’t have a good conversion there, you don’t get that deal. You don’t get another bottle that cherry. Yes. Sorry. True. Isn’t it you often you do any get one chance at most companies? And yeah, if you if as four in pitching, your idea to company doesn’t work you probably not going to get invited back in. You know, you absolutely significantly change your proposition. It’s like I’ve I’ve looked once. I’m not gonna look again, my time’s important one. People are generally lazy thinkers, and whether that’s I whether that’s you’re selling betas say all beta bay people wanna put you in a bucket. So if that means that I’ve looked at you’re offering your sales process was sucked always nonexistent or your ability to articulate your value was terrible non-existent. They’re not gonna get rot. I know that I don’t need to talk to Jared anymore because it doesn’t fit on aids. And in next time you come around in that marketing SoKo next piece of marketing you show them. It doesn’t matter. You’ve got to be you’ve got to be five times better than you were last time and you’ll out your first approach to even get that airtime yet. So true is it’s it’s the fest. Perception is what’s it like what the way all ready now? What bucket can I take you in and then making the segment from that? So I guess it’s how you frame you’ll your proposition early on is gonna make the biggest difference in how you can sell it. And how much you be have a sell it full. So I think I think. It’s a great idea. I’m Cain to start talking and get some ideas. One air everyone explore is sort of sales techniques, but the other areas just m just because the audiences is found is in probably a low technical founders. They always loved tools and things. So it’d be remiss not to ask you around different sort of sales tools, and we all know styles falls. But other different tools that you’ve used you commended for different especially for small businesses. It may be one a dip in spend tens of thousands of dollars their little tools or apps that you recommend if doing sales I’m still lately. Sorry at one stage. I had seventy people working full me we had a really lodge southbound lodge service. We my background is actually building software and selling like, that’s what I did. The last time I ride line of code was twenty years ago because it really wasn’t wear. Always. I was best useful in most useful in the business. So I ran the south names. And so the first thing every business needs to recognize that the sales marketing machine their sales and marketing business, and if you don’t think the thousand market. Eating business as probably not why you’re getting the number of south that you want. Like, that’s the first thing that people need to understand sorry side of the reason telling you, this is Suzie circle back to I have seventy people working for me at one side selling various technological solutions also doing consulting for mid tier and enlarge businesses. And so we used Salesforce, you mentioned south of that’s tonight. That’s the are the end of the IT so nobody ever gets sexual buying IBM in the eighties nineties, whereas nobody’s person’s gonna get sex for buying south Salesforce. But that’s bringing a bazooka to a fistfight, it’s super powerful. But as probably other powered than for watching ninety nine percent of my customers, I recommend using Zohar said, I hate you right tool set. Great little fun. Things aren’t one of the tools that I use networking a really important thing to do if you’re a founder, if you’re trying to hustle get out there and actually make people are do that. First of all, that’s the first thing. I would absolutely recommend. If you’ve got no budget, just a gripe. Idea with a cool pace of technology, Osama budget, your funding, engineering funding, whatever else, you need to actually get out there and actually start having communicate conversations with customers in the how you do that these three networking and so in that conversation, you might meet somebody. Now, you’re technical Fanta grab Zog how if you’ve got there’s a app in Zohar code leads and what you can actually do which a fan. 00:10:00 – 00:15:01 Pretty cool is can take a photo of your business cop that will then load that OC aloe that happened to my MCI things. I can then say how I met you. I can say linked I can say networking or dinner, all lunch or coffee got these categories. And then what I do is. I got of met Jared had a coffee with him scan that in and then what actually will happen is. I mock him his coffee, and then the Email immediately would go as saying highgrading great meeting you today at coffee he is a couple of wise to connect with me. And it’s because it’s instant and because it’s it’s on the front foot. It’s not trying. To sell anything. But what it does do is? That person goes oh was nice meeting. Matthew, and that’s a free app sits on your find Teke photo. And you look like you’ve got half an idea about technology as well. I love the I’m going to have to check that out. I’ve used pipe drive a bit. And that’s just because he connects with a whole bunch of other maps and tools and things, but yeah, I’ve used a bunch of different tolls. And the one thing I now is if it’s too complicated in it’s too hot. And I, you know, I don’t use it as soon as you don’t use it totally becomes a burden. Ranjini? It’s like I remember one agency. I’d go back in retrospect of -ly every week Philly in my my my my style’s pipeline software. And you think it’s not working like it’s supposed to help doing not just me and sorry, so Zohar also plugs into all my emails if I sent an Email to somebody who’s in my database through my Jason g mile J sweet that’s already automatically logged in there. I can get a fine coal just the other die from a personal spoke to back in September introduced himself, a sort of remembered had Ovide recollection, I clicked into I soil. The emails aren’t up an Email that he and I communicate on and wall sees chatting art quickly scan win. That’s right, boom. I’m in the conversation, and I’m away. So so Mike show. Your Email is talking to you. You a your CRM and make sure it’s easy. So my big tip. There is a certainly it’s cheap. It’s easy. It’s flexible this got a great community. So when buying apps when looking at and this is actually even for developers look for the look for the flagship with the biggest community around it. So for example, they absolutely you know, the the apple app store that’s got the biggest community. So it makes sense the develop is actually build stuff that sits inside that community. Because it’s like, you know, it’s the difference between setting up a shop in Westfield with you know, tens of thousands of people rolling through every week rather than setting up a single shop on the side of the highway yet, they can still see you. But there’s not foot traffic, and that’s where you need to be in a marketplace with somebody’s predisposed to purchasing from you. And that’s in the app store. That’s in the app store or the south force app store. Yeah. Love that advice. I’m king too. Because you know, we’re talking about making connections in having those meetings and one thing on our with found is they’re often time poll at the developing a product the doing their accounts looking after staff. So if you’re looking at lades commune side, they’re gotta mocking the pop with their marketing departments most Malays themselves as well. They’ve got a few leads coming in. How would you recommend they manage those leads to work at where they need to focus our efforts, maybe even around laid scoring because I guess one of the most frustrating things is the Email that says, oh, we should grab a coffee, and you go, and you have a coffee, and you think well, why am I here? What am I doing and its travel time in coffee time in three hours lights, and you haven’t done anything. It was a waste of time. Are there any sort of tapes in advices from a salesman his point of view about how you should prioritize that time or even work at who where you should? So the very first thing I’d do is I’d I’d have coffee with people unless I’ve qualified them. And I know what I’m doing article for this morning with a good night of mine. He’s a good night at a coffee acey. I have coffee eat too with my friends, and I don’t need to qualify that conversation. Everybody else needs to qualify and on the and that means you actually need to understand who you’ll perfect customers who what problems? Do you sell? For that pithy, custom. And when somebody says, hey, let’s have coffee fund. Yeah. Sure. I’d love to have a virtual actually really busy to that. Let’s have a virtual coffee. Let’s talk for fifteen minutes on the phone arm. Stealing virtual coffee, led his absolutely something. I’m gonna do. Now. I’m just gonna say rather than do that. And you can just jump on the phone or even video chat, hundreds of hours a month aside by people actually doing coffees and that that also at the same time qualify. Sorry qualified by accident a standing what is the upside value here? Now, there’s lots of you don’t want to be completely missed hell would you like to purchase something from me right now, you qualify to have a coffee. So there’s a few visit this quite a few times when you need to build a relationship in that might be running at a parallel line or or an ad at a law in this not directly with your perfect customer. So that might be you’ve done some research in the marketplace and realized that these companies are currently selling to my perfect customer while what go have a coffee with that guy, so consulting him. So if your a just selling assess product that helps particular business achieve a set goal will then what other companies that are aligned that on competing. Can you actually saw it up to that would actually help them add more value to their offering? I love good ideas. 00:15:01 – 00:20:05 I said this is the this is. Like, the concept of Seth gardens concept around like sneezes to this is idea of if you’re going to go off to somebody finds somebody who can influence maybe not going to be a customer themselves, but potentially refer you to ten eleven twelve other customers, so you’re not shooting. Absolutely. I mean. I mean. Finally enough, Jeremy and think about your customer buys this is this is exactly what I’m talking about. Sorry. I work with Betabi software and technology companies and guess what marketing agencies. I have the most communication with. And that sounds odd. Gee whiz. I’ve just pulled back the curtain there. But you know, it’s it’s really really strategic about your time money comes and goes, but time only goes, and and so we need to actually. Copy quite you’ve just come up with off the top of your head. That’s actually from Bob year. Chuck the founder of velocity selling its philosophy selling so. Okay. It’s it’s absolutely not. I am plays. Anybody? Who’s got any takeaways? Steal it off probably stolen ninety percent of my thoughts. Anyway, I stress about a do that yet. Sorry to God your time. And and that’s one of the things and managing time in a startup or a fan as life is super important in getting those one thing, I do feel the Mike actually look they founded the Auburn his time and try to actually get them doing back to what they actually do best which is typically programming, and let’s get them back to do that bit. And you know, one of my customers, for example, they really don’t love running the epistle the business side, they’re involved. But the the best is when their programming and then the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen the think have come into the office IB once for half a day. The rest of the time has them at home running and programming and doing the work that GM in place. They’ve got people running the show now, and that are sort of stepped back from the operations, and that’s gonna that’s a very effective. Yes, if selling insides release something that you, Don. It like an you paint a picture there of a technology. Fanta who we kind of imagined quite nerdy reserved yet look at their shoes serve. It’s not their strength than as quick as possible. Focus on your strengths and bring someone else in who can make a difference. I guess that’s it’s it’s nothing. Actually, we want to cover off on my dismissed ICU early. Dies of mon- consulting is that is done abdicate the responsibility for sales because you want to make sure that you’re actually adding asset value to the business. So if I am a technical fan, and I have a I guess gonna play salesperson post inside you’re out. You’re a salesperson go sell things the missing pace areas. The businesses I’ve worked to win off actually recruited trained salespeople full them that salesperson gets up starts doing their job. And then eventually leaves will there’s been nine knowledge transfer into the business, and the business is actually not better off other than that person’s not the very first step that before you hire a south knew before you ABC. Kate that responsibility. You need to understand what the strategies the south process. You need to understand what you’re going to be measuring the very worst question that anybody can ever ask when it comes to Siles is. Hi, Jerod, how many salads coming in this week because that’s like asking are away by from Brisbane? That’s like asking the Brisbane Broncos won’t they won’t the school debate the end of the match. It’s a frustrating question. But I’ve been on the receiving end of that question. And you just think how. Oh. What’s the default the positive and early opposing who defaults to positive is going to actually have a long career in sil-? Because really, it’s I, you know, let’s be honest here. It’s it’s are used to set a Moi jokingly cited some of the south real are you ready to belly after the bath for big sauce rejection pie again today United? So once you and prosales can cope with that. Not everybody can. But it sounds people that default to to to positive and saw thanks. We’ll have had three great conversations this week. So Jared, I’m getting three sows. But if you had actually put up south prices implies, and your I would imagine how the metrics sitting behind that. There’s a lot of science guys into Siles. You actually go back and look at that. You got what actually takes three dry conversations to create two proposals to create one sound? So so Matthew that’s really clever, but you’ve actually got one south coming in. Right. Yeah. Makes makes a lot of sense. But I I must say I just saying this is ringing in my head where I would do exactly the same thing. And then you said it said expectation of three and then at the end of. The month. You’re how many did you call this one? Will you you’ve set expectations of three you’ve closed one? You know, you start next month off feeling a bit like a failure. So south you set the details up for failure every single die and business owners who don’t understand the science behind Siles set. This sounds people up for five. Yeah. Constantly. Yeah. No, it’s a it’s a really tough thing to do. And and look I often wonder whether or not sale should be a standalone function or whether in the company should be part of everyone’s function. 00:20:05 – 00:25:01 So say if you talking about an agency, you know, I’ve never really ever seen someone with a title of sales business development. Really do a good job. I always find what happens is the most senior strategist thought doing the business development themselves. So they Cobb off twenty percent of the time to do that. I wouldn’t found that solution. But I guess it depends on the type of business as well. Absolutely. It does depend on the business. But I truly believe that everybody in the business has I circle of influence and everybody can’t understand the sales process. Everybody can. And this is actually one thing I do for my clients. I actually get them to we math out the sows process the elements the problems we solve the why that we actually dipped positioning statements, and they’re on the wool everybody from the clean it to the CEO knows the south process and also everybody inside the business is in is engaged in selling. So for example, one client they’ve just brought in where the customer service represent a representatives. So these people who device just answer support tickets. The new part of the job is a couple of times a week. It’s a colon. Existing customers. I hang out with no agenda, and that creates a oh, you guys actually give crap and that is sales as really interesting just the idea of rather than sitting quietly on an account or a client recurring billing his the ring up and just check how things going proactively because you might actually you could potentially even catch a problem that when you didn’t know about you catch it early. Oh, this is niggling inau year. You know this. I can’t change whatever. The whatever the issue isn’t. It might not be worth sitting. In writing a five hundred Email and getting through the support system, but a much just be with all year. Actually now, the mentioned it, and boom, and you’ve got a conversation their goal internal styles as opposed to sort of outbound is this you’re not remember just like internal styles that they also. But it’s part of that it’s part of the framework. So everybody in the business should be engaged in that process. Who’s, you know, so certainly customer service, maybe not your hardcore engineer whose up to resemble buzz in coding every day. But but certainly the the the accounts people who are who following up accounts. There’s no reason why that campus in Kansai, hey, going yet, paperless. And and you know, if you wanna give it more technical, you can actually say all where he released this last month has that helped or hindered. And if anything comes up anything hard or Silenzi, hey that that’s a great question. Can I get Fred to contact you? And go from that actually, get the visual of the technology person. Like the president like you said up to their elbows in code. But I can just imagine. How powerful would be one of the most senior Kotas behind a assassin business. Did actually, you know jump on the phone debugged something sole something maybe even bak- featuring it’s because you God’s down as well. Right. You’re on your third level support. You speaking to the technical co founder, you’re not really thinking of selling, you know, you don’t think you’re going to be sold for that time. It’s probably the exact my house most likely to happen. Absolutely. You’ll defenders of the listening. He has that growth through the business. I need to realize that if you’ve chosen to being on tra- preneurs, then they’ll be continuing requirement fee to get in get back involved in that pace and yet deploy daren’t done wheel amount to every meeting. I made that mistake and nearly dies as well. We’ll the mat to an unqualified meeting, and I apologize for that profusely as a south person as as a consultant. But you know, you really wanna make sure that you’re qualifying them. You’re getting the value day. And when you do roll them out. It’s like you do need to bring the bazooka. Yep. So let me just live back a little coffee mating. And just if we put the show on the other foot, and now I’m doing Siles for my my software business will my my start. I’m trying to get that coffee mating. What’s the what’s the trick to make it happen? The otherwise I had to get someone to actually turn off of that coffee meeting. How do I get that initial contact because that’s probably the bit where most people really struggle. It’s a lot of a little cheat chat a bit of engagement. But actually, how do I get the conversation and actually get that first sales mating with somebody? Is there any tips or tricks source of processes or anything Ican advise, or even this mindset that will help a non traditional sales person actually get some sales meetings and give themselves a chance to make some some styles. Yeah. Absolutely. Look, everybody loves to have their opinion asked. And so one thing that I would do certainly for the founders listing today is you wanna ask questions, and so I appeal. Path to mock, it might be a you wanna fun up a custom affirmative of potential customers. I height on. And you do that you could do this linked in. If you want to do it in text certainly much prefer the telephone his telephone you’ve got inflection Ugo conversation. And so the question might be high on trying to solve this issue. Do you do you find that? This is an issue in your businesses all people that you come across very often. And then yes, no. 00:25:01 – 00:30:01 Maybe hey, look, can I just buy. I’m just trying to I’m building out products. Wait, always trying to do XYZ cannot bar you a coffee, and and an Oscar couple of quick questions this week a love that that just tardily breaks at barrier down because you’ve you have come with an Oscar you’re asking for something. But you’re asking for something that makes them feel good makes them feel important. And so whilst I I kind of the defense mechanism is what’s your osc? Oh, you’re asking for this. I’m quite happy to do that. Because that makes me feel good and what you’ve actually done is. You kind of sucker punch them a little bit because Nathan met she got the sales Mateen and. Roy and carrying Amion while I love it. When you still in the in the death cycle. If you’re still in the in Bill Bill in the minimum viable product cycle. Now, you you actually sell it. We’re developing all we are a guide to the market in X amount of time. And if you can actually say we want a bike in some real wealth faces at love to ask you couple of quick questions. So then so what that did that does a whole range thing strikes a past EBay because they’re an expert. You can say, hey, look you recognize as an expert in the field. These are the issues are Saint heavy saying the same issues and they got Yay. And y’all had cool. I’d want to actually you’ll the type of customer that we want to market to eventually. But we’re not there yet. Can I buy a coffee and ask you a couple of quick questions about what you would like to see as a feature set. And even if you have finished the products, even if you are at minimum viable product sides in you still have that same conversation because it has all lies it easier to process of building the Knicks thing. So you’ve never done certainly softwares south fares is should be done. And. Salt as an MVP minimum viable product. I’m sure that all of L the now that is because just by the way, I’ve built at one stage maximum and viable product. Play three hundred grand my money and an extra iding months, building something and what I’d never did. This is back in the die is about fifteen years ago. Ten years ago. I didn’t actually have a gun the mock inside want, I was I always swept up in the whole Steve Jobs on brilliant. And no my test tests communities of of one. And so that was the the path made to actually burn a lot of cash and achieve zero. So that would be. Yeah. That’s going to read the night with so many people we’ve all fallen into that trap. Where we have dress sample size of one outselves. And this is definitely the right way to do it. And massively over best go to market, and you discover that you’re the only person that would actually buy that you built yourself a very expensive problem solving solution that show oh, the problems not that hot. If the problem is it’s annoying. But you know, it’s not it’s not that annoying or it’s annoying for niche. It’s not that annoying. Yeah. I think it’s fantastic advice and somebody that I think resonates will resonate with old founders. Now looking at the time, I’ve got one more question for you. Which is I’m just curious to know is that something at the moment that you think holds true and somebody you’ve been arguing that you find almost nobody agrees with you when it comes to sales. Yeah. Actually, that’s a good question. So actually one thing I’ve been thinking about recently is the worst advice that somebody can be given is just be yourself. And because found is people who want to actually do something they’ve got to where they are by being themselves. That’s how they’ve been showing. And being himself is actually how they show up every day. And you can actually choose to be different. Just the most people don’t. And so what I would put to people listening is. If you don’t believe you’re a salesperson, Don just thing all of them is going to be myself more. Well, that’s that’s not going to sell anything. So or I need to just be myself and old have more friends. What if you didn’t if you don’t have any friends or you’re in a situation new life right now, the not happy with that. Was you getting yourself? So so think about how you can actually be different and show up differently and looked at applause, whoever every socially emotionally, mentally and doesn’t need you actually have to shave your head and put an orange robe on and sitting on top of a mountain. But it’s but change you can change change is actually the only thing that’s hard coated and baked into the world. So you started we’ll how am I gonna show up tomorrow? So if you’re a fan or out there who who on not a good south person. But I need Siles way. The get somebody’s that can help you through that or change. I like that advice, that’s really good brilliant. So if someone has listened to the end the episode and home, I certainly that means they’re probably running some kind of Sasso technology software company and they’ve loved what you had to sign with lines getting contact with you. What’s the best way to find? You got a website, Matthew, Wyatt dot com, you’ve got velocity selling dot com. And. And of course, I if you find me on at Matthew Wyatt on on linked in or Asari on Facebook Lincoln and mass. What onto it up, you’re everywhere. So basically if they look for though, fine you and as soon as they were reasonable introduction to you. So they do that linked introduction. 00:30:01 – 00:31:46 And it’s a blankets introduction. You probably accept it. But better off mentioned the podcast give some introduction and ask for virtual coffee, and you’ve put a much better chance of actually getting that mating. Absolutely look at and you know, what? And Ottmar time is spent actually having conversations with people, and and providing some assistance of worked with venture capital people up worked for the whole range of people in the tech spice and NF I can help I would probably know somebody who can help. So I’m happy to have that conversation brilliant. Well, that’s the challenge for everyone. Reach out to Matthew, send him invitation on linked in telling you bitch, your coffee, piggies, Brian, and somehow you will end up benefiting from a sales point of view with your business. Matthew, thank you so much for your time today, a really appreciated. The advice is invaluable. I there’s so much more. I want to ask you about selling because I think it’s probably the one area where most startups fail. So I will almost certainly be getting you back on to talk a little bit more around particularly around the art of telling in selling the prospects. Thank you for your time. Chatting with you again, releasing and actually pleasure Tokyo Lennon, geez. Boston. Thanks for listening to this week’s episode. I hope we’re able to provide you with some great marketing ideas, that’ll really help your business as always if you’d like to support me and the show just jump onto Janes or wherever you listen to this podcast and write and review those reviews really make a difference and help me reach a broader audience if you’d like to connect the best way to find me. Of course, he’s on linked in following me on social media, which is connecting. And if you could ideas for future episodes or your mock data, and you would like to appear on a future episode just hit me up on late dinners. Well, I’d be happy to have a chest. Thanks, look look forward to speaking with you next week.

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