The lines between recruiting and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred as talent management is rapidly going digital. The easy access to information and the shift in workforce demographics, backed by the rise of social media have transformed how candidates view and approach employment prospects. Candidates now easily can gain insights into an organization’s culture, benefits offered etc. it’s time for talent acquisition leaders to start thinking differently.

Recruitment marketing is the new HR discipline that will give employers a competitive edge in engaging quality candidates. You need to invest in recruitment marketing tools and recruitment marketing automation solutions that will help you do more with less time.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

It is the process of building and communication organization’s employee value proposition and employer brand to attract and hire top talent.  Strategic and tactical implementation of effective recruitment marketing strategies helps you to attract and nurture talented individuals to your organization by marketing to them, by encouraging you to build positive relationships with candidates who fall within specific talent pools. If executed properly, recruitment marketing will generate increased interest, better quality hires and improved candidate experience.

The principles of modern marketing like analytics, omnichannel communication, technology-enabled automation and hyper-targeted messaging to engage and nurture passive talent are involved in efficient recruitment management procedures. They take a holistic view of operationalizing the candidate journey the same way marketers approach their buyers’ journey, given the parallels between candidate and consumer behaviour.


What are the components of recruitment marketing?

The significance of recruiting top talent cannot be stressed enough. You need to recruit efficient staff who will constantly challenge you on a daily basis in a constructive way enabling you to delegate a lot more efficiently while delivering stellar services and meeting deadlines. Your main objective is to drive skilled, talented individuals to apply to the open positions.

The hiring funnel is made of six stages- awareness, interest, active search application, evaluation and hire. Recruitment marketing which focuses mainly on the top half of the funnel in order to drive candidates further down the talent pipeline is gradually emerging as a core competency that’s become required of every recruiter. Ultimately, the success of your strategy heavily relies on the effective use of recruitment tools and data analytics. However, the adoption of advanced technology, especially a disruptive one demands a well thought out change management strategy and implementation plan. Don’t forget to calculate pre and post-conversion rates, cost and time to hire while comparing them against industry averages.

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