One of the upsides of working with multiple clients is that I get to immerse myself into different areas of knowledge.

A great example of this is my work with Microba, who is a microbiome testing company or to put it another way they look at your poo to see what gut bugs you have. 

So it turns out I knew very little about my microbiome, I’d heard of probiotics, I’ve sung the ‘poo song‘ on the TV show Scrubs, I’d even worked with Perkii

But once I realised there was a test, well I kind of wanted to do well. I knew I wouldn’t do well, but I didn’t want to show terrible results. 

So I’ve started to think more about the amount of fibre I’m getting each day. Not the fibre in a tub, the real stuff, from plants. 

I’ve focused on the variety of what I eat, like Dr Karl says “try and eat a little bit of everything and not too much of one thing”. 

I’ve removed artificial sweeteners and tried to remove the ‘added sugars’.

I’m not an expert, hell, I’m not even an online expert, I’m a C+ Wikipedia page focused on easy to read tips to improve gut health

What I do appreciate is that our gut health is being linked to more aspects of health and are a complicated community of bacteria.

So with my Microba test kit on my desk, I’m going to put in a few more weeks of work before I take the test. 

Am I faking it? Well if I go back to my old ways, then I am, but then that’s why I’m expected to take a second test. 


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