Podcast Technical Instructions

Firstly, thank you so much for agreeing to be a guest on my podcast, I know time is our most valuable asset so I truly do value your generosity.

What follows are some simple guidelines that’ll help you give the listeners the best experience.

The Technical stuff

Please find a relatively quiet, non‑echoey room where you won’t be disturbed.
Try to avoid too much moving, playing with pens, tapping on the keyboard and so on. All those noises get picked up by the microphone and can be distracting to the listener.
I use zencastr.com to record which automatically uploads everything to a cloud server.
You’ll be sent a link prior to the Podcast via email; it’s straightforward to sign in. It will need a laptop using Chrome.
Microphone ‑ normally your laptop microphone is fine from a quality point of view. But if you want true podcast quality, then a microphone is your best friend. If you’re planning on doing more podcast interviews then I’d highly recommend the investment.
These are my two favourite microphones:


Headphones ‑ make sure you have a pair WITHOUT a microphone in them otherwise if there is a headphone mic AND a laptop mic, that can produce feedback. Zencastr will ask you which ones you want to use when you sign in, so make sure you pick the right options.
When the session has finished DO NOT close your browser until the software says you can. Should only take 30 second maximum.
And that’s it.
If you’re unsure of anything, I’m happy to book in a test session prior to recording. https://calendly.com/gerard-fractal/pre-show/

If the connection drop for any reason you can just go back to the same zencastr.com url and we can keep on going, I can stitch it back together later. If the dropout of very quick, then your voice will record locally and everything will be fine.

At the end of the show your locally saved file will upload to the server, so when we finish recording we’ll just chat for a few minutes and thr files will upload. The browser will show/tell you when the upload is done.

Podcast Content Instructions

The purpose is to hear your opinions, advice, ideas that a Startup founder could implement in their business.
Remember that Startup founders are typically time and cash poor. Founders are however highly motivated and savvy. During the interview I’ll ask lots of questions of you, I’ll try to ask from a Startup founder’s perspective. So while I might know the answer, assume you’re talking to a generalist.
We can always edit the podcast, if you get really stuck or say something you regret (it does not happen) then we can always edit it out.
If you need we can always start a question again.
Some swear words are fine, passion tends to bring them up, but let keep it appropriate for a late night talk show 😉
It is always good to remember that voices tend to go a bit ‘flat’ when recorded so try and be an animated as you can, forcing yourself to smile while you speak might feel strange, but your voice will sound engaged and interesting.
While we have 60 minutes booked in we’ll try to keep the show to 30 minutes, that gives us time to set-up and run a little over.
You can find older episodes here https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/gerard-doyle/fractal-marketing-podcast
It is always a good idea to get a general feel for the show before you jump on. However, please note the first ten episodes are a different format to the show now.

Some example/common questions, I won’t ask all of these and I’ll ask you different questions, but this will give you a good feel:

1) What do you see as the biggest difference between founders and big business who are both doing (your marketing speciality) ?

2) What is a common misconception about (your marketing speciality) do you find people often have?

3) What particular area of (your marketing speciality) is ‘hot’ right now?

4) Can you share any lessons from bigger brands that a Startup founder could apply?

5) If a Startup founder is looking to hire someone to help them in (your marketing speciality) what questions should they ask to make sure they are getting a good provider?

6) What are some specific roadblocks to watch out for?

7) Which hurdles did you personally face and how did you overcome them?

8) How do you see your (your marketing speciality) changing over the next one to two years, and is there a way a founder can get ahead of the curve?

9) How much does it cost to do (your marketing speciality) and how long are the returns?

10) How do you measure results in (your marketing speciality) ?

11) What support and/or resources are available??

12) You meet a startup founder at your local cafe and they want to try (your marketing speciality), what one tip would you give her?

13) Can you tell us your favourite ad or campaign at the moment? why do you love it?

14) Tell me something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on

Who Is Our Audience?

Typically a Startup founder audience, typically in Australia but the UK/US side is growing.
These are founders of Startups https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/do-we-need-better-definition-startup-gerard-doyle/
I do however have many business owners who listen, looking for tips.

Remember that the Startups of today are the big clients of tomorrow and that Startup founders are social beasts, so you’ll personal brand will grow.

Pay it forward

The goal of the podcast is to educate the listeners and position you as the expert. It is essential that you approach the show with a ‘pay it forward’ attitude. You should try to give the ‘best’ and most ‘actionable’ general advice you can. People respond well to the generosity of knowledge and will see you as the expert.
I like to think of it as being like a celebrity chef,  ‘Jamie Oliver’. Jamie can give me a list of ingredients, a method, the final result, and entire 30minute TV episode showing me how to cook a meal, but in the end, if I want the best version of the dish then I go to his restaurant.

Episode Promotion

Can you please email me the following so I can get the show notes and promotion ready.
1) A headshot I can use for the promotion
2) Job title and company
3) Linkedin profile URL
4) Twitter handle (if you have one)
5) A 3-4 line bio OR are you happy for me to lift from Linkedin?

When the show is live I’ll post the show on Social media and send you some info so you can share it too.

Remember podcasts are about deep and engaging content, so you’ll have people who listen to the entire 30 minutes, that’s a lot of personal brand ‘buy-in’

Looking forward to chatting with you about marketing !!!


If you’re not sure about any of the above please feel free to book in a quick pre-show session at a time that suits you so we can chat here https://calendly.com/gerard-fractal/pre-show/

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