This episode welcomes back Daniel McGowan and Louise Flynn, Growth Marketing Consultants for Fractal, as they pick apart Pet Circle’s subscription marketing model. The company leverages social media to create social proof to reach their well-defined target audience: people with disposable income, use subscription services and, are time-poor. The brand is focused on making life easy and solving problems and this is evident even with its efficient packaging and logistics.


01:56 Pet Circle subscriptions: Convenience with a catch

07:23 Using a data-driven approach to sell a commodity

12:45 Instagram for UGC, social proof, and incentivisation 

22:12 Pet Circle branding with social media and expert packaging


08:27 “They’ve done a couple of things that I think, at a marketing level, are very much about data-driven marketing and personalisation to kind of drive where they’re taking their marketing strategy.”

08:43 “What is something that everyone’s selling and how do you structure your go-to-market and your offering and your pure-play store to achieve the same ends of a viable business with regular custom?”

13:51 “It is low-cost, high-impact social proof, social marketing. It’s pretty simple and, to me, I like it. I think it’s a great strategy and they’re doing a good job.”

15:15 “They’ve got the packaging to go with it and they’re incentivized. So tips and tricks for the kids playing at home, if you want that kind of influencer play, you do need to build the atmosphere to get that great photo.”

26:33 “The subscription-only just reinforces back to the brands they’re carrying that they’re again ensuring that, when someone comes into the Pet Circle sphere of influence, they’re going to stay there no matter if they’re intermittent buyers or whether they just want the problem solved.”

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