This episode features Daniel Mcgowan, and Louise Flynn, the Growth Marketing Consultants for Fractal Marketing. They discuss Naked Wines trading approach, what it represents, the choice of partnerships, and their means in getting their message to the market to win customers. From making their customers the hero to storytelling and using three revenue streams, Naked Wines has adopted extremely effective marketing both online and offline.


03:48  “The idea that you can give a physical presence to your brand and then have that bring them as an incentive onto the website is something I’d really like to challenge people to have a think about.”

08:48  “Picking out someone that is in a similar business model that is agile as you and has a strong social and digital presence can really pay off. And those partnerships are again something to put back in the hat.”

09:59   “It’s not just the function of the voucher. It’s about who you’re partnering with and how you can incorporate it. And further to that point, the really good partnerships actually co-brand the labels.”

12:10  “If you localize your subscription, you start off really well and can grow from there. You still have to go up against the big companies but you have a really good footing to begin with.”

13:53  “I think there are a few things they’re doing well. They’re making their customers the heroes. And they are doing that through storytelling. If I’m a subscriber to naked wines, I’m an angel. And through the storytelling, we’re helping the winegrowers.”

20:23  “Get that message down. Because if you can’t get that down, when you wake up in the morning, you can’t sell it to yourself if you don’t know what you’re selling. No one is going to understand what you’re doing if you don’t understand what you’re doing.”


01:17     What Naked Wines represents A movement towards the subscription business.

02:38   Marketing Approach: Both offline and online strategies

08:38   Choice of partnerships: Partners with a strong social and digital presence

13:53   Message approach: Storytelling and making customers their heroes

20:01   Naked Wines are making their message simple and getting it right

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