When we grow older we want to be surrounded by the people we love, that’s why Conpago has a mission to build thriving communities in aged care, home care and retirement living. 

In this episode, I talk through the 7 P’s of Startup marketing with Mackenzie Jackson co-founder of Conpago

We hear Mackenzie’s Pitch for Conpago, with the problem they are solving. We cover the promise Conpago makes and the Persona of that Promise. 

We dig deep on how to Conpago positions themselves uniquely in their market and how the hustle of getting up and talking at events has been their best promotion. 

We look at how Propagation is baked into a community first product like Conpago and importantly cover how the journey of Conpago has evolved from a wifi-enabled kettle to the enterprise software suite it is today by staying focused on the problem they set out to solve. 

Transcription Highlights:


We actually started off as a B2C play, you know, we’ll try and sell direct to the consumer which is you know, the end-user and it was near impossible, it’s very hard to try and reach that target market so, you know, we sell to the Enterprises because that’s the biggest access that we have to our end-users, It’s the biggest sales channel that we have.

It’s also the way that we can provide the most amount of value to them.

But you know, like going back to how we provide value to everyone to make them all feel included, it really is, we don’t want to introduce, we stay kind of hidden in the background.

We make our, we kind of make the sale to the Enterprise client, and then we white-label and rebrand everything to them, so that we’re not introducing a new, confusing party to the end-user, It’s all familiar to them and they feel kind of, this greater connection to their existing kind of world that they live in, but also provide them immediate access to a whole wider range of services and a whole, basically the, you know access to the internet without it being so scary.


One of the large problems with these large care organizations is that they’re very old-school and it’s a hard industry to disrupt and innovate. It doesn’t have a lot of adoption of technology once they have clients.

So it’s very hard to be able to engage with them regularly, so I’ll give you one example of a client that we have, they service an area of 150 kilometres.

So they’re at their Central base and they provide home care services within a radius of 150 kilometres from that base.

So you can imagine that you know, you can call someone, you can post them out a letter, It’s very hard to have any one-on-one communication and it’s quite a costly long process for them to be able to, kind of have any social interaction to send transport out there to, you know, to be able to book a service and get a service out there.

So one of the problems that they really were facing is that, how do we streamline, you know, our clients? How do we get more contact points with them? and without having to drive 150 kilometres everyday to visit our clients.

And also how do we get them engaged with the internet because the internet is an obvious solution to this, but how do we get our clients to kind of use technology?

And one thing that we found through the research and also after it, is that there’s this misconception that seniors don’t want anything to do with technology and I’ll admit there are a few, you know, that we’ve dealt with that don’t but really it’s just they don’t understand it and no one’s really given them the time and built something for them.

You know, once you build something for them, then, they become quite involved in it, particularly if it has meaning and purpose for them.

So one of the big problems that we’re able to solve is now these care organizations were out to effectively communicate regularly with their clientele, they were able to you know, book services, get increased the number of services that were being used by their clientele.

You know, and also have when carers come, you know, for them to be able to check in on the device so that the carer has actually been inside and arrived there and that makes their whole billing process easier.

So a lot of it was problems that we all could solve with technology even in a different industry, but we needed to come about it, in an innovative and creative way to tackle the problems that we’re having for this particular industry.


At the start, when we go back to the Messaging Kettle.

We really felt like, the pioneers in this space and we were leading the way and now we’ve come into this kind of new space and there’s all this, there’s a couple of other startups popping up everywhere, and we’re all tackling, tackling the same problem with different solutions, we really position ourselves in the market is that we target at, there’s a couple of solutions out there that there are some great products that will help a senior use technology.

So, you know, it might be a simplified tablet, that they exist on the market where you can buy it and you know, Grandma can message people, the message you, easy, and then she can, you know, get on Facebook easy, but where we really differentiate ourselves is we’re all about building a community and we’re all about kind of providing services.

So, we actually have found that learning to use technology isn’t the real barrier, although we kind of thought that would be at the start. 

What’s the real barrier and where the real kind of ‘open up’ in the market is that, there are not many places available in this cat-litter, this giant black hole that is the internet, that is dedicated to the aging population, that really tackles the problems that they have, and looks at the care providers and helps them deliver the solution.

So, you know where we sit, you know, in the market is kind of looking at both the care providers and the client and figuring out how we can make a really nice gel between them and the carers in the family that helps build out this community, and if we, you know of all, most Community Care where everyone has the ability to look out for each other and create events and build up this community, that’s kind of, on the basis of the care services that are available.

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