Are you paying attention to your Instagram engagement ratio or just the number of followers you have?

In this week’s podcast, I chat with Gabbi Johnston about how to use Instagram to promote your business.

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With years of social media management under her belt, Gabbi knows the tickings of Instagram like, well, it’s her job! She goes in search for earrings, ceramics, and basically anything that is labelled with ‘Made in Brisbane’, and loves scouting local markets to expand her network of amazing local businesses owners.

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Instagram now has ever one billion active multi uses around the world with a growth right that far exceeds that our Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat Instagram is the place that consumers a going to absorb content that looks beautiful. So how can you use Instagram to drive your business forward? What are the tips and tricks in today’s episode we’re going to cover a few of those with expert cabbie Johnston to help you drive your business forward. My name’s Jarod Doyle. And this is the facto podcast where each week we interviewed mock knee expects from around the world to help you drive your business forward. Hi, welcome. To this week’s episode today. I’m super excited to announce that got Kebbi Johnston. Joining us who is an Instagram extraordinaire who is going to guide us through how we can use Instagram to drive out startups and asshole businesses forward, so Gaby thank you so much for joining us. Thank you so much for having me, not a problem at all we are in the same state. But as we put ’cause I’m recording remotely because technology is wonderful. And it worked the first time. So technology. Is good. It is going up wags. So we’re in Trump’s trading, and we’ll talk with the standard question. And I think you’ll be answering this one and Instagram’s echoed platform is what can you say for a startup found or are nervous mole business that they can get above and beyond the big brands by using Instagram for their business. Yes. The Instagram is really really personal. And it gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience in a really personal and visual way, which is really important, and it gives you an opportunity to to have those conversations as well end to engage in discussions and things like that. Which is something that a lot of really really big brands sometimes miss because there is so much happening on the accounts that I guess you can really get to know your audience in a really unique y on Instagram. I love tip about engaging discussion isn’t that such big brands they constantly shouting by what they’re doing. So that’s a criteria. So that’s that’s for the found or the end of us. Business to actually engage engage in a conversation with people are the brands or did anyone who’s out there? And with it ordinance is really really important. So letting that wouldn’t know that they’re in that convincing and then getting involved, and so that might be on your purse or it might be on some of the follow his purse wa or other brands as well that might complement at you’ll brand as well. So just kinda getting engaged in getting involved. So I’m curious to know, what kind of misconceptions do you find or an Instagram when people come to you? And they’re asking for advice where they business on Instagram. What you find the common misconceptions? They have about how Instagram works for a business people generally really afraid of the Instagram algorithm. They kind of hear that big would and they get really spooked at about it. But at the end of the day, it’s actually not that scary. And if you read about it and kind of listen to podcasts about it. And all of that. You’ll learn the algorithm is actually working full you not against you. That’s something really important to remember. So I don’t really know what the Instagram algorithm is what what what is that? How does it affect my business? Well, the Instagram algorithm. Ultimately, tyrod ties is personal purse above branch posts. So if you’ll yelling out to the world that your t shirts currently twenty five percent off Instagram’s probably not gonna show that a lot in people’s news fades. But if you show your one of your customers, wearing your taste shirts. I it’s more likely to promote that and push that up to the top of the news feeds because it’s something personal in. It’s something that people will likely to engage in. Okay. So so in this algorithm. So this is the algorithm that decides what is going to be the to open. I open up Instagram. What’s gonna be the top of my fade? What’s going to be the of my fate because it’s not time specific and used to be a time log, but it’s no longer in time. Log is it. Yeah. It used to be a time. Log and that was great. Now, it’s changed a little bit. But ultimately, it looks into the types of things that you’ll likely to engage in. So if you really really like rice ’cause at you’ll Molin likely going to see a lot of rice caught parse at the top of your fade. So it’s going to pick up what you engage with the Merced. And then show you more of that. So that is why it’s really really important to know your audience, so that you can get to the top of your newspaper and get them engaging with you did notice I am I was recently talking at the university here around mattresses quality mattresses sleeping, ducking cetera, and unless Audrey engage more with their posts. It’s like all the mattress brands appeared on Instagram was kinda like you wanna mattress where all hit is Ellen. I guess that’s a good technique. Then isn’t that? If you want to see how the algorithm behaves is do it as a user like change, your Poseidon change, your personality a little bit and watch the way Instagram tries to adult to what you do like now. Yeah. Definitely even when you’ll notice that if you ever have to buy a car or anything, suddenly all you will see is car ads and papal promoting Qods, sir. Definitely. That’s definitely something to think about from us appoint of you and a business point of view cry.
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So other tips that you give people. I mean, there’s a lot to consider some simple things people can do that again increase the chance of that brand Instagram posts appearing little axle things that you can teach people or is it really just being real being real is a really really important one. But definitely engaging but also encouraging other people to engage with you. So asking questions like what are you up to this weekend? All let us know which one you prefer this color ship Luo red prompting people in giving people a coal to action is really really good invaluable. When it comes to engagement fantastic. And that could it gets back to the point you made before which is it’s about a communication. So if every post you make is you just chat him at something can people might look at it. And then pass on that’s entirely different to studying a conversation, or maybe even a debate that engagement that’s a windfall Instagram, and therefore it’s going to help to be a win for your brand. Dr exactly that’s exactly it fantastic. So I’m curious is there a particular area on Instagram that’s super hot right now as someone who lives in breeds Instagram? What’s the thing that everyone’s like trying out at the moment? Instagram’s stories Instagram stories is sorry big right now. And those actually a study done that says that about eighty five percent of businesses have decided to incorporate stories into their strategies in two thousand and nineteen. So it’s really really big. And it’s really important to jump onto the stories to make sure that you’ll kind of getting amongst it. Okay. So to the the infrequent Instagram us up maybe in like may. What is an insult? What makes it Instagram? Sorry. What’s the story? And how is that different to a post? Yes. So you come up, and you may news fade, and you that’s when you doing the mindless scrolling and everything like that. But stories is this new fate or I guess it’s been around for a couple of years now. I’m ended allows Instagram uses to be really real in pursed Firdaus of behind the scenes end what they’re up to. And they’re twenty four Alice. Snapshots, sir after twenty four hours, they disappear, but they really really useful to kind of give your audience in insight into who you are as a brand in as a person end develop more of that connection, which might be missed in the main newsfeed. There’s a bit of a flow for this as well as I was e e can you know, it’s about a the sequence of images Endo videos or combination of both. It can be doing. Yes, it has video is this fighters you can put in music say can do links to your Spotify account. You can also put gifts and woods, and you can. Ask questions and put up Paul’s said, they’ve made it really really use a friendly end made it really easy for you to engage with people and get people to engage with you. Which is awesome fantastic. Does the Facebook ad platform support stories as well. Or is it something that you find with my clients, they using it as an organic way to sort of rage potential customers. It’s definitely organic at the moment. But you can put ads in stories, which is really cool. And a lotta people on doing it at the moment. Sorry, if you can do it, and you have the main studio at its would be definitely something to jump onto as soon as possible on. It means that it will come up in between other people’s stories. So it’d be really really good. If you could fantastic. So is there an example, you can give us of a big brand, maybe even a small brand. But someone who’s doing this really well at the moment, but maybe we can even follow and kind of get that experience. And so to say, oh, if I follow it doesn’t matter how relevant to me is someone you can give us it’ll make me learn I guess from copy from the best that you would recommend abor eight. Is doing Instagram stories Instagram ads really well actually end kind of taking the really big ad campaign. That goes on at the moment tonight. I’m aiding and putting it into stories in that specific story platform end. Okay. And is that so that’s Uber. It’s doing is at the same as the TV ads. I see where they get the celebrities to share what they’re eighteen and that’s putting the Gorey’s. Yes. So they taking a similar concept, and then making it really personal as targeting people again, they know the knowing their audience in really really targeting them fantastic. Now, what strikes me about that ubereats campaign with the celebrities? They’ve gone showing that the ordering says no more than I can see how that actually translate stained Ceram stories brilliantly. You also saying that stories is some way way Instagram influences influences on Instagram. It’s anonymous like the big thing they using stories a lot to promote brands as well. Jeff innately definitely end. I’m particularly with Instagram influences with more than. Ten thousand followers. You can also do the swipe up function, sir influences can be like, I’m wearing this t shirt swipe up to show and by this one as well. So Instagram’s making it easy for people to just jump straight into a shop or an article or podcast from the Instagram story. Rutta ten thousands, the magic numbers for basically, you’re not really influence if you haven’t got ten thousand followers, apparently, that’s what Instagram saying.
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A love that. Okay. So that’s that’s a big thing. I’m curious when we think about influences, it’s always good to delve into that just a little bit and understand ’cause they’re awesome lows. I mean, I don’t know can move. None of us are giving legal advice navy Gabby or I is this is not legal advice. Bought if you’re going to engage in influenza, what are the kind of things what’s the standard way? Now that you disclose that on Instagram. I think they influence is actually have to explicitly say this is an ad all and they have to use hashtag add if they are promoting any products. So Instagram’s really knuckling down on them and making sure that it’s really clear that everything that they do when they’re promoting something is said, yeah. No, it makes it makes a lot of sense. You you it’s the hashtag ad. I guess when I first heard about Instagram pushing this kind of disclosure, I thought is it going to kill it influences. And then you realize could true influence or it doesn’t matter. This is what we know you’re still borrowing from their brand. So it still makes a lot of sense to do that. So it makes makes it huge. Humana sense. Always curious. I mean, it’s an interesting platform Instagram because people it’s different to Twitter up this to be an awful lot of random following that occurs on Instagram and put it that way. Read seems like a lot of people follow a lot of people or even made like I highly ever a price on Instagram, and I get some really strange people following me. Yeah. I assume this is a strategy. Right. You could call it a strategy. Definitely. A look at this. There’s this big thing going around a cold fuller unfamilar, which people follow you to get you to follow them back in. Then they quickly unfold you, which is really unfair. An Instagram’s picking up on that which is really good and starting to minimize that as much as possible, but you might find that some of those really random follow is that you’re getting at ulcer butts, which is also something that Instagram starting to pick up on. So people are starting to Haya Botts to go out and follow a hell bunch of people end in return. They’ll get really instant engagement, but it’s not very long lasting nor. Is it old Ganic? Sorry. If you’re thinking of incorporating butts into your strategy, probably daren’t, maybe maybe four years ago, if you had to go into it, you might be done. Well, maybe maybe. Is your opponents are I get the vanities audit? Yeah. That’s an easy one. Right. If you want ten thousand followers to pretend that you’re important. That’s great. You know, take a box, whatever fills you boats from a business point of view. I can still see an argument to a degree that if you were to build up in a home in new business starting with full followers is probably looking little bit lame. So I guess, although I’m sure you’re gonna say it don’t recommend it. But I guess there is some logging lace getting a few hundred follow us to stop is that look there is bit at the end of the day. If you’re a business, and you’ve got Instagram you won’t you follow is to eventually turn into paying customers. So why would you want to I guess employees those two or three or four hundred followers when you know that they never gonna turn around and pay you’ll you’ll content oil products. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. I wanted to, you know, I’m guessing we’ll guest when this which workout Instagram algorithm. But you would imagine that the ratio of engagement to your followers probably helps as well. So if. If I have ten thousand followers on one hundred real followers willing. Instagram’s is are probably got a really low engagement with my audience probably doesn’t even help you reach those one hundred engage people is that true. Or is that just me guessing about one might be doing? That’s so true. And that’s one of the main things that we try and wacko on as well that whole rice Yar. So if you’ve got fourteen thousand follow isn’t only thirty people lacking your things every time you I that’s a big red flag and again Instagram starting to pick on that pickup on that as well in it’s trying it’s registering the posting quality content or your follow his on quality. Sorry. It’s really dangerous to have a really low ratio so focusing on that right sharing more than you. Actual follow in number is really important fantastic events before better. Now, not my terribly low Instagram follow. Myself. They’re highly engaged. So I would I’d love to talk about one of them talk about now is if someone’s so we know what I know what you do businesses. Hi, Gabby win the super busy. And you know, when you run a business and almost everyone listen to this is going to run a business. I mean, they doing the bookkeeping they’re doing the marketing that doing products and sales and everything they need to end. So Instagram becomes one of those things. I know I need to do it. But I haven’t got time. So you can hire someone like Gabby. So that’s obviously who I’m going to recommend. But my question to you is what’s the best kind of question that someone could ask you what anybody else to find out whether they with this person really knows Instagram other a couple of questions that a business owner could ask a potential social media manager to find out whether they really know there is the grand from their face spoken. Their follow us on Twitter because you know, I feel like there’s a lot of people at that tattoo themselves as social media market as manages and experts now, so I’m QC on the listeners with a few it’ll tricks to catch people off guard.
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Yeah. Fischel I think first and foremost, definitely look at this -ocial media because if social media isn’t doing very well in that ratio that we just talked about isn’t very high. Then what’s to say that they going to do any better on you’ll social media? But I guess ulcer get them to have a quick look at your current social media and see what they recommend and see if the things that they’re suggesting have any substance to it in or is it just kind of made up of the top of the head. So that’s a really good one to give them as well. Do love that kids. It’s one no one’s ever going to high main look off their Instagram look terrible. But like the thing someone might high today linked in. So yet really it’s a really good to be conquered arrive via south how you ever gonna get a ride for somebody else. Exactly brilliant. So I’m wondering if there’s a his a super easy Trico tape, something you can give listeners at the moment that you said to say, it has one thing. One thing you can give to somebody incite to do these one thing. There’s one thing is one thing, right? Instagram. What what would that be? Well, we’ve already talked about engagement but engagement is. So so important, and I would not stop talking about engagement and the importance about it on Instagram. I guess the other thing is focusing on as well. So if you’ll again, making t-shirts and your tesa clientele is anyone from kids that go to school to people in a retirement home. Then you’re going to struggle on Instagram because you’re not going to make content that’s tailored for a specific audience. But if you have a really really specific audience in you, nor your name really, well, you’re going to find it easy to create that content and then connect with people in that audience on Instagram Francesca, golfing buds of Anton, west perfect advice on all facets of the business nation down and finding that one audience and being absolutely brilliant. Perfect for them. You get the chance to find a bigger audience at a secondary audience light awry, but if those audience, right and and get them on board. I love the how do you see Graham changing? I mean, we’re recording this at the start of twenty nine teen. So maybe over the. Of this year. What what do you think the changes we’re gonna say Instagram while as the white people conduct businesses conduct themselves on Instagram like the debate for the rest of this year? I think it’s just going to get a lot more real with Instagram cracking down on butts in people that are doing that fuller on fully strategy. I think that Instagram’s just going to value real content in real authentic content. A lot more this year. So I think focusing on that in focusing on showing your customers who you are rather than showing them what specials you’ve got on is going to be really important really valuable on social media on Instagram as appoints talking about telling customers, what silos you’ve gone is. There a ratio. I mean because at the end of the day used to one zero products is there a ratio or is? It was the trick to blend. The two things together is is the trick with Instagram to put the product in the service into the post, but making the post social in its own, right? I’m not quite sure what the strategy. Is there? Look out really really successful Instagram a. Count singer kind of incorporate both of them find a way to incorporate their products into a really social I, but they say kind of every full full fifth purse should be sales. He pursed. But making sure that the majority of them are engaging in kind of more conversational than anything else. I did notice someone recently recommended a jewelry business. It doesn’t make any sense for me where they said they do this. Well, and I noticed they they really good. Putting what appears to be prices essential. What it is. But the he’s into the click on the product or the jewelry in the post, and then it pops up, and you can actually go through to that product. What what’s that cold and had a businesses Bill but into their Instagram strategy say making Instagram shop -able is so important, and I would recommend it for anyone that has a product by business, and it’s exactly that making it really easy for people to be scrolling down. And suddenly see a watch that they really like, and they can click on the furhter, and it’ll take them straight to the shop. So that there’s a bit of behind the scenes. Things that you can do through shop a fi- and connecting that with Instagram end. That will does make it really easy feel customers because if they have to click on more than one or two things you gonna lose them really quickly. So yeah, it’s the easiest way to kind of get people from being just a follow up to your being a paying customer. Does it only work we shop afire or is it just set up to work easily show performance wack easily wish up five? Okay. So any technically any business could do it. It’s just if you’re on shopper fi- it’s going to be a holidays you have to make that happening. And there’s no Tim thousand follow a limit to get. So follow is if you wanted to. Fantastic. Okay. So planning ahead. Let’s imagine. It’s a business in their thinking. Now, dude wanna do Instagram on a Bill that my strategy. What’s the timeframe in the time commitment like how how long does the strategy tight before you start to see some kind of reward and how much effort you need to be putting a realize it’s going to it’s Halloween is a piece of string.
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Let’s let’s let’s all go back to my jewelry example. Let’s just imagine. I was launching a new line of jewelry. It’s a small line up on. I follow as a just finish shopper fly store. I’m pretty sure Instagram’s where I wanna be at how long how long have I gonna be playing on Instagram before I start to see any kind of commercial return on that. I think that if you can dedicate probably between. Half an hour to an hour a day on engagement or every couple of days on engagement. You’ll start to see a load of engagement back really really quickly. I’m that’s not to say that you’re going to say twelve thousand follows in the next four weeks, but you’ll start to see that growth in it might just be a couple of hundred follow a week to begin with. Or it might only be fifty follow is awake. But you’ll find that. If you do that engagement, and you you really put out quality content as well. You’ll find that at Lafayette to engagement back and you’ll find the people actually sharing your person really lacking it full the products that it is rather than just following because you’re another account Ryan. So we need kicking off for through in his there’s a theme like your advises various have a conversation. So you haven’t got an audience so engage with other people start the conversation. And then he kind of I guess people will wear communicate is by nature. Aren’t we saw? Someone south token to me, I’m probably gonna talk back. And then next thing, you know, you’ve got a new friend. On instagram. Okay. Exactly. I love that. So okay. So you could start engaging with people, I guess in theory, if you start engaging with someone has the right audience, you never know you could actually turn them into a customer. So it’s about finding that right audience as well. So finding people that would tend into paying customers as well. Fantastic. So thinking about that, you know, we’re moving away from followers as a metric Masan talk, more back home. And so if I’m trying to sit I guess KPI’s is spur hush thing decided, but what are the kind of metrics. What what do I want to be looking at to know that I’m doing well on Instagram? What are the kind of metrics and KPI’s I want to be setting myself? I wait, particularly focus on engagement and reaches. Well, sir engagement is the people that a liking commenting and sharing your purse and the rate is the amount of people that can actually see your purse. So the more engagement the more people that a lacking in commenting on your stuff, the more people are going to see it, and that’s a really important thing. Because then they’re potential customers in that the that makes a lot of sense. So so reach against rages that K thing, right? So having lots of people having conversations, and you’re gonna get that extended rage. And if if people are commenting engaging what are the chances of that? They follow us and people. Engage. We are going to say that post as as. That happened on Instagram or is that more of a or of a Twitter Facebook phenomenon it definitely happens on Instagram. Sorry, you doing that? And also using hashtags people can now fuller hashtags so finding what has times you’ll ideal clientele is using and following. And then using that as much as you can is another way to increase that reaches. Well. That almost lost point. Because I find hashtags on Instagram a non like Lincoln’s gonna Josten corporated hashtags back. Facebook has them a little bit Twitty uses them, probably the Muslim Twitter might even created the concept or the ones that really pioneered it Instagram uses a crazy for the hashtags doesn’t really make a difference in the business. And is that can you hashtag too much. Can you go is there like pay cash tag? Where you just go. For me. I find sometimes people’s price just look overly needy. ’cause they’ve got thirty hashtag house. Is there a strategy? He with hashtags, that’s the standard practice said. They say you should have a really good mix of really specific hashtags in at general hashtags that still to do with your industry. Sorry. If you have got your jewelry making business in you’ll starting up your new line using hashtags like Brisbane, jewelry makers and Brisbane creatives and things like that relevant. Yo pursed is really going to increase that region increase the amount of people that can see you’ll parse Hawkeye and is up because people following hashtags zora’s because if you’re engaging with hashtags of a similar story parts of the similar hashtag that Instagram’s lock throws in randomly. How does how does that work say people fuller hashtags a lotta people such hashtags as well. So someone might be looking for a particular necklace in Brisbane. So if they look up on Instagram Brisbane jewelry than yours will hurt flea. Pop up, sir. It’s just about reaching. Audience’s weather at in thinking about what they might be thinking about in getting to them this or thinking ahead friends house to brilliant Gubbay. If people have listened to this episode, and I think themselves are really like, ABBIE. And I I wanna talk to her about running my company’s Instagram page. What’s the best way for them to to find in in contact you? And I’m guessing Instagram’s one of the options absolutely one at Gabby Jay digital otherwise my website.
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Gabby J dot com is a great place to find me as well in Radel about fantastic. Thank you so much. I have learnt more probably highlighted to anyone who listen to this. How little I know about Instagram which is not good. When you try to sell yourself as a marketer. It’s been fantastic. I’ve low into lot I still got more questions, but I’m going to have to save them for a mid level advanced conversation, maybe in six months time with you. Thank you so much time. Thank you so much for the advice. It was absolutely golden. And I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Thank you so much. It’s been great is. Thanks for listening to this week’s episode. I rep and provide you with some great marketing ideas, that’ll really help your business as always if you’d like to support me and the show just jump onto chains or wherever you listen to this podcast, and right and reviewed those reviews really make a difference and help me reach a broader audience if you’d like to connect the best way to find me. Of course, he’s on linked in following me on social media or just connecting. And if you could ideas for future episodes or your Maka, and you would like to appear in a feature up beside just hit me up on late in as well. I’d be happy to have a chest. Thanks luck, Allah. Ford is baking the next week.

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