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Episode Transcript

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Content marketing can be one of the most efficient ways for founder of Assad company to drive that business forward. It’s authentic. It’s engaging and can be a whole lot cheaper than traditional advertising. In today’s episode. We talk with Kelly about the best ways to really hung, your content marketing strategy, how you engage in audience and building content funnels. I’m Jerry Doyle. And this is the facto podcast where we bring the mocking experts from all around the world to you. And awesome advice tips tricks and the things that you can do to drive your business forward. Welcome to this way show. Hi. And welcome to this week’s episode this week where privileged to be joined by Kelly j Duggan who is someone who I’ve had the privilege of working with. But I think months ago we worked on an F M C J Branko Pecci together, and since then Kelly’s gone on to really calm out a niche as in my opinion, a Brandon content marketing, especially round the health FM, CJ sector. So today, we’re gonna be talking about content, and specifically content around social media and peaking Kelly’s Brian to help you with your businesses. Now, you can use content more strategically cycle. Thank you for joining us, Oklahoma. Lol not a problem. So looking to jump straight in because we’re talking to founders and owners of small businesses the way, we always kick off these you’ve got experience now working with some pretty big brands with some decent budgets, and that can be intimidating if you’re a founder nice little coming up against you with you know, it more money for Betty cameras etcetera. So what I wanna know is gene have any tapes of house on his fan of a startup or small business can compete in content marketing of advantages, can they have over the logical per to have got understandably much larger budgets absolutely while. I think what. So I work at medic exile cops that in a health and ethical Nate trance outright out brands. And I think what makes us a little bit different to some of the pharmaceutical companies is that instead of out sourcing content. We actually produce it all in house. So we like to we’re bit different traditional gamma in that we have the ability to to work a little bit more agile, and we’re able to produce content really fast on the small budgets, which is something. That’s very I guess attainable. And possible for for some flack, I found out that doesn’t have the big budgets. It’s a good idea. So if I’m thinking about a culprit that may be. Sending stuff off the studio when agencies and getting stuff ten around town copies quite slow. So as a fan rock that capacity to produce containing house, which means Spade to Mollica, it’s going to be one of my competitive advantages makes a lot of sense. I think as a good strategy in actually is interesting that you’ve incorporated that kind of nimble strategy into a much larger company. Do you think that’s a trend? That’s happening. More and more logic companies studying to baby nimble in bringing the content production in house, or is that something unique that you bring to the table. I mean, I think it really kind. As is reflective of the way that social media is is moving towards at the moment. So traditionally that Facebook is more of a text based platform designed for desktop, but when now moving towards a platform, which is drilling mobile fest. With the advent of faces like the stories fate shot on its to Graham on Facebook. It’s really all about having that moment marketing so being able to cut in the marine experiences end. You obviously catch a lot of in the moment experiences from your mobile device. Sorry, really. We’re you to use Amway bow to to drive a lot this mobile fest content. Interesting, and I think that links back to you. So saying about building your GD or having your own studio. I mean, let’s kind of minimum equipment what kind of set up. Would you be recommending people get someone you spec about a fines, I’m guessing that’s the benefit where these super cameras now in pockets, I’m guessing you can produce a content with your phone. What else would you be adding to that makes absolutely? The thing is we’ve got a lot of technology bills around by vowed devices as well, so you can buy you can you can buy Kimble’s THEO my ball find. So that you can have really smooth Smith content, really high quality content. So my advice visiting hit will JIMBO JIMBO. Yeah. Sorry. Kimball is it’s it’s kind of a device which allows you to hold the fine. It gives you a steady shot. So traditionally Kimble’s full video camera. I am when you talk about acting them advertised on Facebook there, those twisty hand things that allow you to sort of move your hand around, but the cameras toll size still trae. Yeah. So you go Trimble’s you will say God. Yes. Southeast digs for instance. A big thing that weighed moving towards is really looking internally at accents.
05:02 – 10:02
And how we can tell out brand stories for brands through internet tunnel. Ex- ex- bet. Sorry, you know, whether that’s you know. Off the cough interviews with with the in a science lab with with some of our technical expert. So whether that’s we out team of natural gas who he I have have great knowledge in running an impromptu, a like FAQ on Facebook live on Instagram live in and really doing those really off the cuff in the moment experiences using your internal resources and end that wisdom and being able to create really really value. Add obits Unity’s to talk to you. You’ll consumers awesome. What by one what they want United to heal and being outta onto that in real time. Expense to come on. The guy was fined getting someone to come on a podcast is hard little line, filming them. Gee, just have to manipulate the mortgages tenant with the Cameroon. Go action. Well, about sir is working at a company like meta jenex where a lot of stuff natural gas, and they’re very passionate about breeding, the healthy lifestyle messaging that they have a wealth of knowledge that never really passionate about the role that you know, that vitamins and minerals can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. And as a bit of a preventative kind of health. Method. Really? So they have messages that they want to send. So they’re more than happy to to jump in front of the camera and until the stories in spread that wisdom. Then that’s the benefit of working for business where it’s operating to Ohio up, as you know, people are in there for a reason above and beyond just a job in a paycheck. They’re in there because they’re driving some ultimate goal makes lot of sense passionate paper as well. Always make the best contents side. Anyone that’s passionate, you know, you’ve got a bit. You know? No one’s more passionate than than the founder. So I even using yourself as as the content as the expert and. Bringing that that passion through makes for engaging content for an audience. Voice. So I’m curious maybe touching on things that are a little bit wrong to the easy out there in the marketplace wanted some of the misconceptions will maybe even mistakes see people doing what they content marketing when they go live with it. Is there a nephew examples? But what are you saying that they have joing about content marketing the in the wrong way? Definitely speaking your product too much. I think when it comes to content it really comes to bang, adding some kind of value, and I think, you know, sometimes it’s it’s more about thinking about what the customer is is actually gonna find useful, you know, in that has some kind of tangible benefit, and there’s ways to close the loop in what your product didn’t somewhere by definitely not having a product this approach and really coming from a consumer Centric value. Add approach. That’s really good advice. You do see it all the time. Don’t you? Mm recriminations particularly bad at this site. The only content they can produce his we’ve got a job to fill. It’s kind of an easy one onto recruitment agents who really get it. Right. And then provide value add all of a sudden, it’s like all my business takes off. So nothing. That’s that’s really sounded is exactly. In terms of what’s sort of hot right now. You mentioned stories on Instagram is is one particular area that’s becoming physically honk other other areas for content marketing that you see us sort of starting to take off and people should be focusing on twenty during twenty nineteen. Folks, if you look at the at social media in the world of social social media, it’s getting increasingly clotted, the survey different marketing messages in it’s getting hotter and hotter to cut through. So I think for that reason when when you got brands in products competing for people’s attention, a one size fits all approach. Never works. So it’s really about knowing who you’re talking to end creating audience basic mint messaging and delivering relevant interestingly untimely contents that individual, you know, people people want to be treated as individuals demographics as dies. Sorry. Knowing your audience, knowing what your audience once in being able to deliver that right content at the right time for the right person is is really important more important than ever. Advice really is about thinking about the messaging time the president much more than the channel on the tactics. Bryant side so personalization is a big a big big focus for twenty nine content. Marketing definite. I definitely I think it’s also about thinking about what the right China leans at the right time and the right message for that channel. So delivering deliver Todd content not only for that consumer. But but for that channel built for that channel than you. You you can’t have a one size fits all across all the channels as well.
10:02 – 15:01
Sorry, really understanding, you know, which channel sit at different parts of the of the funnel as well. An really really designing content specifically for that channel and that audience of that right time. Actually, taking the time to produce even the same coal content that differently for different channels makes sense. I guess. You know, he’s a logical process. I’m Cain to explore a little bit more on. You’re talking about timing. The delivering the right message at the right time content marketing for a lot of people has been a case of like write a blog price ticket up there. So when you talk about timing how how exactly do you get content to the wrong people at the right time. It comes down to really understanding in the funnel. They gonna be interacting with this content. For instance, a lot of the time an article that kind of sits around, you know, they the consideration. Pat of of the final say, and it can also be used for the qualifying audiences. Well, just you know in the top of funnel as well. So it’s about how you understand web Ahah sitting at the funnel at the time. And I guess designing and considering that content to serve that peppis. Whether that’s you know, remarketing content to take away. Sorry, if you neutering these audiences in may be. If you look at their the consumer time line that customer that journey understanding what content United previously saying have they’re interacting, whether the, you know engaging with the content and then serving. Relevant content at the right time to to push them fed it down that funnel. So for instance, may be they’ve ridge your article. So you’ve qualified them as someone who throat. For instance. Let’s talk about Mendis him say ethical nutrients magnesium is that big hero ingredients. You’ve you’ve you’ve written an article about, you know, ten reasons why you might might be deficient in magnesium. Someone took the finals or we’re talking. Exactly. So it talking top of the funnel. Sorry, we’ve qualified that audience as someone who’s interested in magnesium ingredient. Pat says some kind of you know, using age site that they have. And then what we do is. You know, we really build out I guess sequential content from that the hats off to the pixel is fired on your web page. They read them at magnesium article, perhaps then you can add them to accustom audience, which re-target STAN would something to to push the middle fed it. So maybe you’ve you’ve established in aid. You know, if any magnesium in sorry, you can then target with maybe a bit more products related content. So, you know, about a magnesium, you know, for instance, ethical nutrients magnesium, which is by viable sorry. Is you get more bang about? And it’s really bad. You know, telling that story, then and selling, you know. Giving them that the that raise into the laze. Ties in beautifully with what you were saying about not leading with your product. So did you hear that final in? It’s three or four different phases. The actual product content doesn’t appear until you’re right down to that conversion end. And actually what age that’s when you making the sale. So. Yeah. And so it may be from that sequentially. Sorry. I they now know that United ethical Nate trans has really high quality medic magnesium product. And then to have they been, you know, a targeted something to push in the middle fed the down the funnel. So whether it said free trial sorry attend day free trial of a product or maybe it’s a bit of testimonial content. You know, why other papal United loud finance Webuye that magnesium are really breaking down all the different parts of that customer journey and that funnel delivering the right content at the right time sequentially to to really really push them through the funnel and down to conversion contested. Facebook times like the pixels and retargeting audiences there which make a lot of saints began. And that’s what as a marketer Facebook. So great at giving us is hostile tools that allow us to create finals in their ecosystem between Facebook and Instagram. I’m curious about some of the other platforms out there. Other other channels that you’ll find the moment that assigned to maybe Scola lesson lesson than win channels that you assigned to find a working for content marketing as well. Content marketing, I think there’s a lotta opportunity at the moment with with video content. So it’s something that way we looking with looking fair the towards, but definitely content series as well. Sorry, we’ve got GT bait Instagram Taytay bay, which was recently launched a last year, and that content that is is filmed in in portrait as relatives vertical contents.
15:01 – 20:00
Are I think definitely looking towards more the the mobile fist vertical content and being fish move. I think when it comes to new channels new formats, it’s it’s obviously look to benefit dang that. I move sorry. So definitely I think there’s a lotta open she unity as we move towards more mobile fist, full, Matt psych. For instance, story is like I j I thank God. There’s lots of opportunities to jump on board be a first fist movement really get that those may benefit. Because it’s new and exciting and the same time. Yeah. The platforms probably pushing it in the hope that it works in the same thing with Facebook live Facebook still trying to push live and imminence working. But you get that extra organic boasts that you would normally have got race you if you’re pushing older styles they’ve kind of betted into their advertising ecosystem he has commuted with struggle. So yeah, I think Facebook live Instagram’s stories Instagram TV, these are the kind of things that are relatively new. So it kind of makes sense to cause your attention on that as credit advice. Definitely I think trade inner a lot of the traditional brands is still haven’t really moved into that Vodacom viewing format opportunity sort of old school agencies is still filming with landscape cameras, and the don’t wanna change they ways for the new single genyk says don’t jenex doesn’t even knew isn’t. What are we up to now on you got a better idea than main may jenex? I’m jay. I think now what what’s after the millennials. We’ve got Nathan I remember that does it can be former off why is it X generation Y up to that? Whatever happens. We’ll be back to this generation before we know on again, he’s actually. Sorry. One of the goals for may with the podcast is to give super actionable tips and tricks from PayPal the eyesight, be strategies great. I mean, we wiped towards them. I’m wondering you says I am a trick. That you think someone could apply for content is fairly simple like apply today or tomorrow, and it might make a difference for that business. Once again, just going back to Louisville can you about the vertical viewing format, and how you said, you know, a lot of agencies I still filming in that in that very traditional landscape full Matt people United such as as founded in startups. They have a real opportunity to own that vertical viewing format ’cause you don’t need the big budgets for that. You know? And and you don’t it’s it’s very low fi lo fi and on the fly. I think really slow slide on the fly end on. I think it’s perfect. If you if you really really are in that space and really work on creating really engaging and real personable and authentic vertical content. That is definitely way too bay a lot more competitive against some of the big brands that had the bigger budgets, but on necessarily taking full advantage of the way that that content is moving and that is Boll life by an on the fly. I think. Is now more forgiving, if you’ll real if you’re honest, if you’ll lo fi and on the fly, do you think that consume a generally gives a little bit of sloppiness, you know, maybe a little bit camera movement a little bit out of focus a couple of homes in butts is here and there. Because that’s Dr absolutely well in the wake of old the data breaches in the political controversy, you know, with with the Cambridge scandals in and Facebook really moving towards his transparency. I think these shift has meant people more skeptical about marketing messages, and I think they the relevance of really authentic and real content that he’s in polished is is just so much more important right now. And I think uses a really really really trusting that within tick on polished approach to because it is a bridge will will most of the time. People listening this appropriate to be conducting some form of online comas or transaction. So it is virtual. So you don’t get that walk in get to make the Arna about you’re creating that real feel that maybe didn’t. So maybe the trick is to not try to act big not try to sort of polish everything up and pretend like you some great company. Of Europe company of one person. Maybe rather than writing all your FAQ’s with we or at our company, we like to think that and just be real and say, hey, it’s may I’m one person. This is what I do, and it might actually cut through a bit more. So. Yeah. I think Morgan ever, you know, we need unit as brands we need to be more real and authentic to to rebuild trust. Really? To be too big pod. So now, that’s great advice. I contend building trust olefin tizzy and yet go lo fi. And it probably actually becomes pathetic on the fantastic. Look. This is a hard question.
20:00 – 25:01
I NAR, but content marketing has a habit of nothing measured against results. It’s gonna well. We do because we think we have to everyone else does it. And then historically the one thing they ever measured measured. Social content was likes on curious to know, what are the kind of metrics that you pay attention to your content marketing, and when you want to measure success, I felt it really comes down to you know, how they talk about Elia creating content with purpose. Sorry, when creating content with creating content in mind, the right demographic to the right audience for the right channel but also for the right objective. Sorry, objective digitally. So a lot of the content that way is she’ll content. So we’ll already have in mind our Facebook advertising objective when. When we would building out that content. Whether that’s going to be an engagement pace or conversational pace, or or whether the whether you know, we we want to get sheds with a win. We want. These KP is for for objectives. And at the end of the funnel. Nice and easy. Right. We put a silo at the end or whatever the the ultimate conversion is that top end. You know, I think a win as his is about building that audience if we’re thinking of the content of final then the space is is reach in branding. But building that audience that means we can actually hit the next level of the final. I guess that’s the case objective Ryan, as we know engagement, drives extra Rachel in most of the social channels are those metrics that we previously pooh-poohed said likes. I’m really can’t well Gina what a like if a like this gives us a little bit more reach and the rates gives us more audience not audience can be retarded than we’re probably on the right track. If the objective here, you have in mind in you want engagement, you want likes you you wanna you wanna SATA conversational? You wanna start a conversation than the content that you create United Mesa lends itself lend itself to that in as debate compensate. Content. So we always design content with with our objective at digital objective in mind from found during them beginning content marketing is going to be one of the key things. I wanna do drunk my business forward how much of my budget Sherman. I guess it’s it could be any amount. But how much of my budget’s should be spent on making the content versus all the time spent making the content. I promoting it do do you have ratios or do you? Or is it really a horses for courses kind of thing? I felt you know, there’s no point creating an amazing piece of content. If you don’t have the distribution to allow actually they say enjoy. So I think you need probably more of a budget for they the advertising and distribution pace than the actual content. Nothing. That’s really good advice. If you build it, and no one sees it to even build it. Yeah. Exactly. So I mean, I think we’ve reached a stage now with with social that you kind of have to put money behind him. I think very few of us particularly brands have got the kind of swipe that says if we produce it’s gonna get covered. So I guess for almost everybody content that has to be a little bit of a marketing and advertising budget behind it to get it going get through that inertia. On the more. You can save on the content creation, especially if you can be doing that. We’ve you with your foreign oh with lo fi devices and really low production way with wants to, you know, producing similarly gauging content. I think the more money you have to actually take that as far as you can is probably better spent and there’s so many different tools on the internet. And you know, it you can create content these days as well. Sorry. I think if you can save money in the content creation by doing it yourself, then you can put extra budget into allowing people to actually say that content. He take those acute for the last question. I’m going to ask you what one of the some of the the tools and things that you will online resources that you use or you’d recommend to founders if they’re going to take the content marketing, and do it themselves other some tools that you’d recommend a they check out in. I think you can’t really look much further out than Facebook’s internal tools. Sorry at the moment. You had chills. You can cry instant experiences. You can you can create video is inside the Facebook advertising platform. So I really utilizing Facebook’s free racehorses in tools internally in that platform in a lot of it the time that that secret troll. Sorry, having a look in just jumping in and having a guy and making use of what Facebook is is giving us to pray is is the best way to do it to spend money on tools. These one night. They were winning jumps in and maybe fill that in afterwards. Yeah. Definitely. And you use show juuling will scheduling tools that to pushing out the content of the right time.
25:01 – 27:53
Or did you push everything up by itself? Manually at the time. It needs to go live. There tells us it I like to use the Facebook organic Phages, so I like to to posting platform I like to plan in platform, and I’ll see like to make use of that creative hub where you can create mock-ups for the different pieces of creative than unruly play around. But intensive Instagram, you know, wait, wait fought for ethical Nate trance way way loud. The whole idea of the design fade us Instagram is an intrinsically visual platform. So we like to design every single piece of content as a whole to be visually beautiful and as well presented as possible. So there’s a tool that I use code skid, social and that allows. Us to go to really great native of plan on that you can you can design bit to content. Say however thing’s gonna work stylistically an end visually. Sorry. That’s definitely a good one. And it’s one of the few that part’s straight to Instagram as well. So you can keep video content on further content through Instagram, and you don’t have to push to you mobile Laco. A lot of the other platforms are definitely skid. Social is the the one paid program that I do use. I’m not going to be lots of tools. I’m going to gain drive drive a manual car. I want to know that I’m doing it. Right. So that’s also so Kelly people a cane to kind of see your work in play. Then kind of see how you do your content other company social handles, oh your social handles that they could follow that would represent you’ll work absolutely site. Wave got in a health set in health probiotics which is at in a health AU, we’ve got ethical Nate trance, which is at ethical nutrients, and if you want some really cute dog content than definitely at Finley dot, FOX Finley with two ends as that is my my little little pomeranian, N taste door volt side. We all love wheel love cheat dogs. Visit in your pomeranian has reached the magical ten thousand Instagram. Follow isn’t means you can swipe up now or we used to working towards silhouette into what grad side. Any as I can get to help Finley on his dream to to ten ks. And so I welcome it. You’ll be you’ll be an influence on on Instagram before we know it and thanks so much Kelly. Look, I really appreciate your time. Your advice? I’m sure everyone’s got a lot of tips and tricks out of that everyone who’s headed, you know, your action call now is jumping and follow in light. And let’s get ten. Thanks a lot Kelly. I look forward to following your dog following your adventures and partly bumping into you around the Trump’s again soon. Thanks a lot of your time.

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