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A quick legal checklist before starting an online business

You have a great idea for a product or service, you have your website up and running, and you’re getting ready to go to market online. It’s an exciting time and the last thing you want to think about is your company’s and your website’s legal compliance. But it’s an important step to take to […]

5 Tips to get your Startup ‘Investor Ready’

Nearly one-third of all startup failures result from running out of cash, according to a survey by CB Insights. Let’s assume you have a good product (so you’re already ahead of 42% of those who failed because they built a product that wasn’t needed). What can you do to avoid running out of cash and […]

How to Reach Clients in the Building and Construction Industry

The consultants at McKinsey  believe some businesses are about to make a fortune with helping the building and construction industry digitize and automate their operations. That’s just one of the opportunities on the table that startups could take advantage of. A few other possibilities include selling project management software, scheduling apps, CRM software and design […]

Startup Pitch Deck Special – Podcast Episode #10

In this episode, I discuss pitch decks for startups looking to raise funds. A few quotes from this episode: Everyone is a pitch deck expert, some of the advice will even be good You can get some real confidence when you see how basic YouTube pitch deck was Pitch decks are designed to be “pitched” not emailed […]

Ep9: SEO for Startups Part 2

Choosing the correct SEO keywords, asking for those links and the importance of deep links with a focus on accounting sites. Plus I discuss dogfooding.     As an SEO you can tell when a page is built for SEO gain – 3:05 It’s Google’s job to work out if your page is offering value or […]

Ep8: SEO for Startups Part 1

In this episode, I look at the SEO options for three founders’ websites. I cover, links, domains, duplicate content, linked building, keyword selection and website engagement.   The first website I reviewed the SEO for is Quaintrelle Consulting which I look at for Nicole Jensen The second site is Fair and Square which is done for Anissa Farrell and finally, I check […]

QUT bluebox podcast – featuring Gerard Doyle

A real honor to be invited on to Episode 2 of the QUT podcast Podcast. At the start of the episode, Tim and Yotam talk about the QUT Bluebox Robotics Accelerator for 2018 Applications are open now and you can find out more and apply at www.qutbluebox.com.au/robotics Tim and I discuss ‘growth hacking’, You can listen to […]

Ep7: Should you outsource your social media?

In this episode, I look how, and if you should outsource your social media. I discuss how to think about your social channels and recommend a great new tool I’ve found to extract the value from your quality content. For the second question, I look at how to win over a target market that is […]

Food for thought: Lunch matters

How your employees feel about their meal break reflects on your company culture and business performance It’s easy to chuck the meal break as more suited for the pre-mechanisation era — when workers needed to replenish physically from their labour-intensive jobs. Today, with machines doing most of the heavy lifting, there floats the notion that […]

Ep6: Can you do too much split testing?

In this episode, I look at split testing and consider if it is possible to do too much. I also look into the boom that was location-based shopping apps that have since seemingly disappeared. At the end of the episode, I pay homage to the íce breaking’ founders. Thanks so much stopping by, your subscription […]