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Sales for Startups, if you’re a founder you’re in sales

Like it or not, if you’re a founder of a Startup company your in sales. In this episode, I chat with Matthew Whyatt of Velocity Selling. Matthew is a successful entrepreneur, having run his own businesses and in particular sales teams since he was 22, regularly outselling the long-established players in a number of markets.Matthews’ […]

What Does a UX Designer Actually Do? with Warren Prasek

If you work at any Startup you’re going to hear the initialized job title ‘UX Designer’ uttered at least once a day. But what does a US designer actually do? Why are all modern startups seemingly obsessed with UX, how do you ‘do it’, oh, and how is it different from UI? On this episode, […]

CRO for Startups with Luke Chapman from RedEx Digital

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization with Luke Chapman Covering topics including: Simple A\B split testing Heat Mapping – including crazy egg, hotjar Clear Call to actions optimizing and creating a fictionless conversion process Landing page optimization – Google Optimize, VWO, Optimizly What are the key areas of a page to optimize Getting the Simple parts […]

Video Marketing for founders with Amir Bazrafshan

What did you think of the latest Gillette “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” ad ? What about Nike‘s “crazy women” ad? Why is one ad, so much better than the other? “To any founder listening to this……. go back to why you started, and the mission that you’re on, find your purpose, and then […]

Instagram success for your business with Gabbi Johnston

Are you paying attention to your Instagram engagement ratio or just the number of followers you have? In this week’s podcast, I chat with Gabbi Johnston about how to use Instagram to promote your business. You can listen to the full episode from this page Find out more about Gabbi’s Instagram management services here Or just follower her on Instagram here  […]

How can you improve your copywriting today?

On this episode of the Fractal Podcast, I interview Murray Barnett from The Creative Writer. We cover why modern copywriting is for an active reader, and what an active reader isThe importance of making your content searchableHow modern copy is clickable & scrollable and accessibleand why to write to a persona and make your copy […]

Content Marketing Funnels for Startups with Kellie Jade Duggan

This episode takes a deep look into content marketing tactics with Kellie Jade Duggan from Metagenics. You can hear the full interview with Kellie here or download on Spotify, iTunes or Stitcher. Right Audience at the right time Channel Specific content marketing Equipment needs for your content production Timing your content and funnel positioning the rise […]

How to kick PR goals as a Startup with Michelle Winter

Just get my business listed in the newspaper.… but do you even want to be in the newspaper? In this podcast episode, I chat with Michelle Winter about PR for Startups and cover a huge range of questions to help you understand the best ways to promote your Startup through public relations. How should you hire someone […]

Master LinkedIn for your Startup with Mireille Ryan

Startup founders are flocking to the LinkedIn social network because they are seeing amazing engagement and destroying large brands that hide behind company pages. In this episode with Mireille I discuss the best ways you can use LinkedIn to gain maximum reach. Mireille is the CEO of the Social Media Marketing Institute, founder of the […]