Today, Gerard Doyle features Iain Calvert, eCommerce Consultant at Boom Ecommerce training, to talk about the branding success of Allbirds in carving out its own niche. 

They identify Allbird’s key strengths and discuss the brand’s core messaging. They further break down the brand’s strategy to create buy-in, its solid value proposition, and the simple yet effective use of online tools, with Shopify in particular. 


06:07 “The core message is they’re really comfortable, simple, straightforward shoes that pretty much anybody can wear. It’s not a case of the pure runners that you try and run marathons in them.”

14:19 “Businesses or manufacturers have this ability to sell directly to customers, not having to sell to retailers and take a wholesale margin, because you’ve got systems like Shopify.”

22:57 “I implore anybody that is thinking about setting up an e-commerce business or building theirs, is to not copy what other people do but to use the tools, apply it to their strategy.”

31:54 “Because people like that brand, they’re more likely to open the email, so the delivery rate is going to be higher. And because it’s a high profile client, MailChimp probably looks after them.”

32:19 “If you do not spend time developing the products, the brand message, and you spend all your time picking the tech stack and what platform you’re going to go on and all these bits and pieces, you’ve actually missed the point.”


02:52 The origins & core message of Allbirds 

09:05 Buy-in & the California tech influence 

14:10 B to C brands thriving through Shopify

20:13 Exploring Allbirds SEO and MailChimp email marketing

32:36 A good product will sell



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