Kajabi picking a positioning fight with every B2B SaaS company – Guest Louise Flynn

This episode features Louise Flynn, Founder and Marketing Advisor at Rulu Marketing. She talks about Kajabi, an online business platform that replaces multiple tools and offers a full-stack solution to solopreneurs, and how it positions itself to this very specific target market.

Louise and Gerard discuss their free trial offer and the curious credit card requirement that comes with it. They also break down the company’s acquisition strategies, marketing funnels, as well as their incidental success with the world’s increased reliance on digital communication today.


02:51 Kajabi: Offering a full-stack solution

08:06 Leveraging the community of brands that use Kajabi

14:53 Kajabi’s 14-day free trial and credit card requirement

19:45 Discussing acquisition strategies and marketing funnels

33:38 Product marketing successes


07:13 “For some who find the technology a little bit overwhelming, the aspirational brand messaging really brings them forward, brings them through and they begin to see the life with Kajabi in it.”

09:20 “They have a heroes program that they talk about where they’re constantly sending out merch just to reward people for hitting certain revenue targets on the platform. So they’re trying to actively engage the community.”

21:20 “I don’t see a lot of marketing outside of the website and I wonder why that is whether they just were used to being bootstrapped and they haven’t built a big enough acquisition funnel with enough different aspects to it.”

27:09 “If you pick a very specific persona, that promise has to really land. You can’t really build the huge dream. It’s got to be so relevant and they seem to be targeting a persona which is business-driven coaches and consultants.”

34:59 “Instead of trying to kind of be everything to everyone and not being able to secure any of the market, they’ve just decided on the type of person that’s interesting to them.”


Kajabi demo (credit card required): https://kajabi.com/demo

Kajabi Access for $99: https://kajabi.com/access

Kajabi on Facebook Business: https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?active_status=all&ad_type=all&country=ALL&view_all_page_id=113897981972497

Smart Passive Income: Building trust with transparency – Guest Jason Wright

This episode of Fractal Marketing features Jason Wright, New York Times Bestselling Author and Speaker, as he discusses the branding of Smart Passive Income (SPI) by Pat Flynn.
Gerard and Jason look at Pat’s success in blogging and podcasting, as well as break down SPI’s branding elements like their website and mission statement. They also discuss the relevance of social media platforms and how effective LinkedIn and Facebook groups are for particular niches.


05:48 “He was really early on the podcast scene. So his podcast, you kind of scroll down the main page, 60 million-plus downloads. That alone, it’s nuts. And he’s able to drive so much traffic in all of his affiliate offers.”

12:27 “It doesn’t strike me that his site has been built for acquisition. It feels to me like it’s about conversion. In other words, if you’ve got 60 million podcast downloads, you’ve got that rate.”

12:49 “I don’t think this website anymore is designed to draw new people in. I think people he’s got, I think this is about building up his personal brand and trust.”

17:02 “Video allows people to watch and say, do I believe this person? Do I think they’re full of crap or do they seem honest? You can pick up on a lot of that through video so I think anything with video is going to remain relevant.”

23:45 “I get very little through LinkedIn so for my business it’s not a significant platform. It’s like Facebook really. It’s really a pay to play space now. It doesn’t have the reach it used to have.” —————————–



03:56 Smart Passive Income: Building trust with transparency

10:57 Breaking down SPI’s branding and website

16:03 Discussing video in digital marketing

19:13 Critiquing SPI marketing strategies

22:54 LinkedIn: Is it really effective? ——————————