New Year’s Business Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions make lots of sense. If you could improve one thing every year, the results would be amazing. So here are 13 ideas for new years business resolutions. 

I’m not going to be so arrogant as to suggest you should follow any of these; rather, I hope the following 13 New Year’s business resolutions are an inspiration for your 2020 goals. 

  1. I Will Get Focused and Become More Productive
  2. I Will Charge What I’m Worth
  3. I Will Grow My Team and Delegate More
  4. Make sure your website content is the best it can be.
  5. Concentrate on getting backlinks
  6. Become your own online PR agency
  7. For businesses with two or more owners, enter into an owners’ agreement
  8. Conduct a security audit
  9. Do your friends know what you do?
  10. Who are all these LinkedIn connections, anyway?
  11. Reduce those SaaS subscriptions
  12. Do you prospect for new business?
  13. Do your clients/customers know how you help them?

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

Elite professional financial advisors realize that distinguishing themselves from competitors demands dedication, innovation, efficiency and the willingness to go beyond the norm. The perfect digital marketing solution will bring the same attitude to your marketing strategy by developing customized web assets that distinguish you from the pack and represent you (and your practice) with the highest possible level of professionalism and finesse. You shouldn’t have to settle for “canned” web themes and content being used by every other attorney or advisor. It’s time you reach your audience with the right content and a fresh approach.

How will digital marketing help your firm?

Reach your target audience

While formulating your digital marketing strategy, it’s vital that you provide the right information to the right people. An experienced team of copywriters and marketing professionals will be able to efficiently customize your message and strategically deliver it to your clientele through a host of diverse channels. If your present marketing efforts are not accomplishing this, needless to state, you’re leaving money on the table. What’s the result? More referrals more lead to more repeat business and higher profits!

Reduce your seminar costs and efforts

Long gone are the days of spending a lot of money and resources each month to try and fill the seats at your seminars via direct mail. If you are still doing it, you owe it to yourself to become fully informed about the different cost-effective and time-saving ways in which digital marketing will up your game. Leverage the power of the internet to reach more and more people every day for less money. You advise people every day on how to protect their assets. It’s finally time you implement a vehicle that is more efficient than direct mail. Social media platforms will engage with your audience, resulting in a higher level of credibility seamlessly.

Map your progress through feedback

The most significant benefit of digital marketing is not just that marketing your financial services digitally but you can get proper feedback and insights from your digital marketing campaigns which traditional marketing doesn’t allow. You can interact with your audience, know their preferences and grievances and address them efficiently. Additionally, if your clients have a positive experience with your service they are more likely to recommend you to their friends.

Google reins

It is important to boost your Google rankings and this cannot be stressed enough. Why? 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day. Additionally, Google happens to own 92.42% of the search engine market share worldwide. With statistics like these, you have to determine immediately how to rank high in Google to be discovered by prospects and increase SEO rankings by driving traffic to your site. An effective digital marketing strategy will prove to Google that you have click-worthy and relevant content that searchers would want to see.

Also, ensure you check out your analytics frequently to determine how your blog, website and social media channels are performing. There are a host of tools that you can use in Google analytics. The key, however, is to know which ones to explore so that you get the results you are aiming for.

Digital marketing is perhaps the most effective way to reach potential clients. Your digital marketing approach will make or break your business’s success hence it’s imperative that you are well invested in terms of resources, time or efforts in a well thought out, comprehensive, profit-driven digital marketing strategy. It, however, is a work in progress and not an overnight phenomenon. It will probably take months to begin seeing the consequences of your marketing efforts. If something needs fine-tuning, now is the time to get that together.

Marketing Tips for Accountants

The only difference between high growth and average growth accounting firms lies in their marketing solutions. The former invest more strategically in groundbreaking marketing solutions and, as a result, are able to achieve extraordinary growth rate. They leverage M&A, strike the right balance between traditional and digital channels, focus on differentiation as their top marketing priority and build visibility around their subject matter experts. In short, your marketing decisions are likely to dramatically affect the profitability and overall growth of your firm.

Your business can easily emulate high performing CPA firms. Don’t you want to know what high growth firms do differently? We have a few tips to help simplify marketing for accounting firms.

Identify your target clients

Not all clients are created equal. You can categorize your existing customers and contemplate on all the factors that determine what your best customers look like. It is imperative to recognize who they are before you set out to chase after them. Monetary factors may not always place a prospect on the list. Sometimes trade-offs may be involved. It’s okay to want to do business with less profitable customers because you are not just building partnerships, but relationships. On the contrary, you also may be capable of charging a premium.

Take the demographics of your target audience into consideration while marketing and make your marketing efforts visible.

Network with Qualified and Trusted Professionals

Your competitors may have an edge when it comes to services you do not offer like recruiting needs, technology, legal representations or investment advice. Every firm has its own primary area of expertise but you must assist them with referrals’. Redefining business alliances may be a good thing – you may receive mutual referrals from them. You are at liberty to partner with general bookkeeping practices or less specialized payroll.

Invest in the right cloud-based applications

Effective and intelligible use of cloud-based applications while marketing for your accounting firm may help you reach a broader target audience effortlessly and stay ahead of the curve. They will additionally manage your campaigns, analyze your progress, automate key tasks and simplify procedures to enhance the manner in which your firm operates. These applications will make your customers lives way better, sure. But marketing your use may also be seen as a competitive advantage.

Never stop using creative content

Good content takes you far, there is no way around it. Explore innovative marketing ideas that start an accounting blog, create educational videos, appealing infographics, webinars etc. When it comes to content, the possibilities are endless, so pick whichever conveys your message the best. Tailor your website or blog so that they are local search friendly and make your write-ups local specific by addressing glaring issues related to accounting and finance in your community. Dedicating a part of your marketing efforts to offer to your community can positively impact your brand. You may also want to analyze how visitors get to your site, tweak it accordingly for optimal performance and repeat until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Sometimes it can be very difficult for accounting firms to rise above the noise of others vying for client attention, making it more relevant and important than ever for firms to effectively focus on intelligible marketing strategies that will create more personalized experiences for their audience. Marketing for accountants ultimately boils down to one very simple rule- be consistent. The impact of these tips and other strategies may not always be measured easily or recognized immediately but they are bound to make a significant difference over time.

Financial Advisor Marketing

As more and more advisors are delivering comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services the key to growth as a financial advisor is not to be better but also different and your marketing solution provider should understand that. Financial advisors need to develop an effective brand for their firm by identifying the significant qualitative factors that make an advisor’s practice unique and targeting the not already overtly saturated client segment. These are branding strategy elements that help any financial advisor create a compelling, relevant message that will elicit client management from the type of clientele you have chosen to serve.

Why do you need an effective financial advisor marketing strategy?

In the initial years of this profession, advisors were able to perfectly differentiate the brand of their advisory firms by relying principally on language like “fiduciary”, “knowledgeable”, “trustworthy” to distinguish themselves from the insurance company salespeople and broker-dealers who are often poorly trained. But thanks to the rapidly growing number of CFP professionals who provide fiduciary best-interests advice based on their years of experience in providing customized financial planning advice, such terms have been rendered ineffective. At most, they only describe table stakers – a bare minimum criterion that any financial advisor is expected to possess.

With more and more advisors continuing to move into fiduciary advice while pivoting away from products/services, it must be challenging for talented advisors to deal with this crisis of differentiation and market themselves in a way that stands apart from the rest.

Financial advisor marketing best practices


People with a direct need for financial advice search by tens of thousands with nearly 20,000 searches for terms related to “best financial advisors near me” per month. It’s crucial to optimize your website and achieve positive SEO results by leveraging the intent of the potential customers to find you as their financial advisor and channeling them to seek your services. Simple SEO tools and techniques can be beneficial for financial advisors to develop their very own leads through organic internet searches.

Branding message

Leverage the best marketing solutions to develop a brand message if you wish to hone your existing client segment. It’s important to invest the effort, time and resources required to develop a genuine, relevant and compelling branding message. This will help financial advisors find their marketing efforts to be way more effective because it will serve to highlight their specific value proposition to a specific clientele and ultimately enable you to spearhead the competition and grow a successful practice in a highly competitive marketplace.


Networking translates to building relationships that establish you as a credible expert in the community. Implement strategies that will help you reach potential clients and connect with the members of your niche. You can help small businesses connect with other businesses, hosting various events like an expo featuring local businesses that provide products and services to a common target and creating an “insider’s” directory of businesses that your clients trust. Effective networking means providing others value.

The financial planning industry has witnessed significant growth. To gain a formidable share in this rampantly growing market, financial advisors must establish themselves as trusted partners in managing their client’s assets and effectively market themselves to potential clients. Needless to state, with the ever-increasing awareness on the significance of fiscal security, it’s imperative that financial advisors are more aggressive in creating opportunities for their firm. With stellar marketing solutions, you will see the difference in no time.



How to measure influencer marketing with Anthony Richardson from Q-83

To understand whether or not your influencer marketing campaign is successful, you need to know how to measure that success. With influencer marketing transitioning from a marketing fad to mainstream marketing. There’s an increased need for professional presentation of the media buying opportunities. Influencers can no longer get away with merely presenting their follower count and a few screenshots.

In this episode, I’m talking with Anthony Richardson, who is the founder of Q-83, and he’s tackling this problem with a unique set of tools.

Anthony’s the ideas man. He’s constantly 10 steps ahead, always thinking of the next features to build (usually before we’ve finished building the last ones).

August 2018 saw Anthony release ‘Q-83’ to the world, a SaaS platform built from the frustration experienced as an MD using Influencers in marketing campaigns.

Q-83 is an independent tool that allows Social Publishers (Influencers) the ability to create and share live, interactive media kits with brands and agencies on demand, providing the Brand with a clear understanding of the value the social publisher can add to the brands’ campaign using source data directly from the Instagram API. Q-83 also provides solutions for Talent Agents, Brands and Agencies.

Follow their journey on Instagram and Linkedin.

Recruitment Marketing

The lines between recruiting and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred as talent management is rapidly going digital. The easy access to information and the shift in workforce demographics, backed by the rise of social media have transformed how candidates view and approach employment prospects. Candidates now easily can gain insights into an organization’s culture, benefits offered etc. it’s time for talent acquisition leaders to start thinking differently.

Recruitment marketing is the new HR discipline that will give employers a competitive edge in engaging quality candidates. You need to invest in recruitment marketing tools and recruitment marketing automation solutions that will help you do more with less time.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

It is the process of building and communication organization’s employee value proposition and employer brand to attract and hire top talent.  Strategic and tactical implementation of effective recruitment marketing strategies helps you to attract and nurture talented individuals to your organization by marketing to them, by encouraging you to build positive relationships with candidates who fall within specific talent pools. If executed properly, recruitment marketing will generate increased interest, better quality hires and improved candidate experience.

The principles of modern marketing like analytics, omnichannel communication, technology-enabled automation and hyper-targeted messaging to engage and nurture passive talent are involved in efficient recruitment management procedures. They take a holistic view of operationalizing the candidate journey the same way marketers approach their buyers’ journey, given the parallels between candidate and consumer behaviour.


What are the components of recruitment marketing?

  • Employer branding- the process of communicating an organization’s culture and value proposition to potential candidates.
  • Inbound recruiting- creating engaging content, profiling current employees, maintaining a company blog etc to attract candidates towards open job opportunities.
  • Target candidate talent acquisition- the process of identifying and categorising potential candidates based on the available positions. Advertising and other marketing strategies can be tailored towards these specific categories of applicants.
  • Social media recruiting- social media platforms have made it convenient and easier to recruit top talent with just a click.
  • Candidate engagement and experience- qualified candidates must be kept satisfied, interested and in touch. This is usually achieved through career opportunity newsletter, email campaigns, timely open feedback and regularly updated career site openings.
  • Recruitment analytics-tracking and analyzing data like specific channel conversion rates, number and source of applicants, hire rates per source, employee referral program performance, qualified applicant return etc. You will be able to understand what strategies are helpful and which ones require improvement.

The significance of recruiting top talent cannot be stressed enough. You need to recruit efficient staff who will constantly challenge you on a daily basis in a constructive way enabling you to delegate a lot more efficiently while delivering stellar services and meeting deadlines. Your main objective is to drive skilled, talented individuals to apply to the open positions.

The hiring funnel is made of six stages- awareness, interest, active search application, evaluation and hire. Recruitment marketing which focuses mainly on the top half of the funnel in order to drive candidates further down the talent pipeline is gradually emerging as a core competency that’s become required of every recruiter. Ultimately, the success of your strategy heavily relies on the effective use of recruitment tools and data analytics. However, the adoption of advanced technology, especially a disruptive one demands a well thought out change management strategy and implementation plan. Don’t forget to calculate pre and post-conversion rates, cost and time to hire while comparing them against industry averages.

ChatBots are so hot right now, but most are poorly created – I talk with Chat-bot expert Sean Melis of BotHello

There’s no denying it, chatbots are a thing. If you conduct any kind of business online, you’ve looked at or thought about introducing a chatbox. And if you spend yourself any time online, you’ve no doubt encountered one.

But the problem with chatbots are, for the most part, they’re implemented poorly. You know, the experience, you ask a couple of questions, you fall slightly outside of that decision tree that somebody built and the chatbot doesn’t know the question and you’ve got to send an email and the entire experience makes you feel a little bit flat.

It’s a bit like if we go back to the early 90s and noughties with those phone bots and trying to get through to the bank and get to the right department and you find yourself screaming down the phone because they couldn’t understand you or your strange Australian accent.

But right now we’re living in a world where we all have a smartphone with some kind of voice bot in our pocket. We have a Google Home or an Alexa device in our kitchen, in our bedroom.

So we know this is where we want to go. We just want to make it a good experience. And that’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode. How to build great chatbots, what makes the difference and how to use them in your business, not just for customer service, but also for business and marketing.

This week, we are joined by Sean Melis, the Co-Founder of bot • hello.

We’re a team of dreamers, creatives, and nerds who are still shocked that we build chatbots for a living.

We actively discuss and embrace the exponential change society is going through as a result of technological innovation; and want to do everything we can to ensure our clients are taking full advantage of it—particularly in conversational AI. It’s an incredibly exciting space to work in, and we’re genuinely passionate about discovering new ways in which our clients can leverage and maximise the opportunity of engaging with these technologies early.

We also get a real kick out of watching our friends, family, and clients smile whilst using our chatbots. So we’ve made it our mission to help brands bring joy and personalisation to their customer interactions.

Your strategic partner, from design to deployment—and beyond. We equip businesses with the tools they need to survive in a world of exponential change. We are an innovation strategy company that has the ability to deliver solutions in-house and at scale. We don’t just tell you the solution to your problem, we build it and implement it for you.

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