Business Development Training for Professional Services

Business development can be summarized as the activities, initiatives, and ideas aimed towards making a business flourish. When it comes to business organizations, you are familiar with titles like “manager of business development” or “business development executive”. But, with the right kind of business training, you can easily become the business leader you aspire to be. You can run your micro, small or medium-sized businesses more profitably while increasing operating efficiency. 

If you maximize your outcomes from business development training, you will be equipped with the tools and skills needed to find strategic solutions while optimizing profit. With effective development training, you can unlock your leadership potential in no time. 

You need to sign up for a business development program so that you can –

● Plan a business strategy efficiently

● Gain a competitive advantage as a future leader

● Study operations management

● Put various marketing techniques into practice

● Make effective and prompt financial management decisions by measuring performance


What is business development and how does it help your business?

Business development encompasses everything from sales and business partnerships to strategic initiatives, business expansion, marketing, and market development. But contrary to popular belief, they are not the sole function of business development. It is also aimed towards increasing revenues, heightening profitability by investing in strategic partnerships, overall growth in a mutually beneficial ecosystem by making strategic business decisions. If a business has a product that is significantly successful in one region, effective business development skills aim at assessing further expansion potential. 

Across departments

Business development is not focused on any one aspect but extends across multiple domains and departments including vendor management, sales, project management, networking, partnerships/negotiations and time and cost-saving efforts. These diverse domains are aligned to and driven by common goals and vision. 

Reduction of costs

A trained business developer will also be expected to look after various business development objectives like a new sales channel development, development of a new business line, new partnerships in existing markets, new product development and also any kind of merger/acquisition decisions. For instance, a merger can be accomplished in a cost-effective manner by integrating the common functions of finance, housekeeping, and legal departments. Business development also aims at reducing operating costs. For instance, if a business is operating from multiple different offices within the same city, it can be relocated to a larger central facility. 


Simplifying tasks and saving time by taking prompt decisions 

One of the most difficult challenges in business is choosing the right course of action that is not only good for your wallet but also one that resonates with the company’s vision and values. Through innovative new initiatives and ideas, businesses often require enhancing overall business prospects and streamlining the functioning of different business units. To ensure this, business development also involves high-level prompt decision making which weighs all odds, considers every alternative and takes into account a realistic assessment of the potential changes and their impact. Such decisions aim at strategic business changes for value addition to the business. 

Headstrong business developers remain thoroughly informed about things like the current state of the business in terms of SWOT analysis, competitor developments, the currents state of the overall industry and growth projections, unexplored market opportunities, the customer profile, etc. 

Business development training from a pre-eminent company will help your team to easily succeed and bring in their very own client base while cross-selling and up-selling the full set of your firm’s capabilities. From business developers to client-facing professionals, there is a rising need for everyone in the firm to thrive in a culture of business development. If you are keen on improving your professional service sales and uncovering your greatest opportunities for sales growth, it’s never too late to look for stellar business development training programs and consulting services. 

Building a product for yourself, with one eye on the market – with Lachlan Palmer of Kashy

If you’re going to build a startup, and you want it to be successful, you need to solve a problem. And if you’re solving a problem, you’re solving it for a person, and what better person to solve a problem for than yourself. So many great Startups start by solving problems for the founder and this is exactly what Lachlan Palmer is doing with Kashy

Lachlan saw a problem in the mechanic market, servicing cars and he went about fixing that problem for himself, and now he’s rolling it out to his mechanic friends.

Kashy was founded in March 2018 by Lachlan Palmer, as a fresh take on an old concept where apprentice mechanics would often do work for family and friends as a way to make ends meet.

After dropping out of school, Lachlan followed his love and passion for cars into a job as an apprentice mechanic earning a mere $300 a week. With few family and friends having a car or needing work done he didn’t have the same access to extra jobs as his fellow mechanics. This was when the first idea of Kashy came to fruition.

After working in the industry for 4.5 years and becoming a fully qualified mechanic Lachlan became disillusioned by the way the current system works. In his experience, he found the current operation of the industry to be a rip off for both the customers and mechanics alike  – with vehicle owners paying exorbitant prices for services, while the mechanics were paid as little as a tenth of what the dealers charge per hour.

Since then he has put his effort into building Kashy, a business that shines a light on the current industry issues and fixes them by creating an ethical and fair trade for all.

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How to Position your Startup

So we’ve all seen positioning map in a standard Startup pitch, you know the ones where every company is to the top right-hand corner of the map. So a positioning map is a diagram drawn to illustrate the customers perception of the business offering based on price or quality of some other benefits, and how the perception compares against the competitors. In today’s episode, I’m going to dive into my ideas around positioning maps, and how you can use them with your Startup.