Why being clear on the problem you’re solving helps creative innovative solutions with Todd Furneaux

A Startup is a company working to solve a problem, where the solution is not obvious, and success is not guaranteed.

And when your startup is trying to innovate the way commercial email is consumed, you know you’re going to face an uphill battle.

On today’s episode, we’re going to look at the way we currently send commercial email.

Are marketers like me killing the golden goose that is email marketing?

And what would happen if we flip the existing model on its head?

This week, I’m joined by Todd Furneaux who is the Founder or Co-Founder of AdKaddy, which is a mobile app that keeps your personal inbox free of brand clutter, by giving you a new email address and experience for all those consumer needs.

Chatting with Hugh Whitehouse, the man behind the Startup camera lens.

It’s not the camera, but the person behind the camera, or so the saying goes. Now let’s look at this from a different perspective.

Today, everyone is a photographer because all of us have smartphones that take decent photos.

Today, we can slap an Instagram filter on any mediocre photo, and suddenly it becomes artistic.

Today, we can take a 4k video and extract good quality stills that can be blown up to large format prints.

On this episode, we’ll be catching up and chatting to one of the people behind the camera, who just also happens to be a regular contributor to the startup scene.

This week, I’m joined by Hugh Whitehouse who if you’ve done anything in the Brisbane startup ecosystem, you will have seen one of Hugh’s videos because he’s always the man behind the camera at every event and behind almost every startup that I’ve ever met.