How you can use Behavioral Economics to improve your Startup with Phil Slade

Have you ever noticed how consumers are more willing to take risks in order to avoid losing something? Or how people value items they own, which they have an emotional attachment to, far more than similar items owned by somebody else. These and many other seemingly irrational phenomena can be explained partly, through Behavioral Economics.

On this episode, we’ll be discussing this relatively new field of economics, which is helping marketers improve their customer experience.

This week, we are joined by Phil Slade, who is the managing partner of Decida, but what’s really interesting for us is that Phil is a Behavioral Economist, which means in my layman’s interpretation, he is a specialist at why we do the things that we do as customers, and then potentially how all of us as founders, and maybe part-time marketers can use that to our advantage, not for evil, but for good.

How to position your business in a commoditised marketplace with Mark Randall

Most startups are designed to disrupt an industry, but disruption is hard in a crowded marketplace and even harder when you’re entering with a premium offering. On this podcast, we’re talking to WP Engine whose built a sizable hosting business by focusing on one type of customer in an increasingly commoditised and crowded marketplace.

This week, we’re going to be talking about hosting which isn’t really specifically about marketing but it’s going to be interesting because I’m joined by the country manager for WP Engine, Mark Randall.

Mark’s previously been a country manager for Bulletproof and Rackspace, which I’ve used as well and so he knows a lot about sales and marketing and what I think is going to be really interesting to talk about today, from my perspective as a marketer, is how do you make a relatively commoditised thing like web hosting? How do you stand out in that kind of industry?

How to make your content work harder for you with Rosie Odsey

In our social media-driven world, we are now all content producers and every one of us has the ability to publish. This phenomenon has changed the way we think about brands, brands used to be companies, then they became products and now people have brands. So what are you doing to increase the reach and influence of your personal brand? And how can content help with that?

This week, I am joined by Rosie Odsey. She’s a full-time side-hustler, a growth nerd, an accidental storyteller, and a pretend writer as she describes herself.

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How do you create a viral video with Jonathan Creek

You did it, you finally produced and posted your first series of videos for your startup. You wrote the scripts, filmed them, edited them, and uploaded them to an online platform. And all that’s left to do is to sit back, relax, and watch the views roll in. But of course, they don’t, well not be on the views that you paid for anyway.

In this episode, we discuss the steps anyone can take to gain attention and trigger viewers to act on your videos.

This week, I’m joined by Jonathan Creek, who is an award-winning investigative journalist, TED Speaker and founder of Virable.

A highly respected brand storyteller and Guerrilla marketer who has influenced and inspired key people from major global brands (2XU, Sigma, HTV), as well as professional sporting codes and Educational institutions. (AFL, Netball Australia, Cycling Australia, RMIT) and most importantly to us, he’s an expert into the science or maybe luck or combination of both around viral videos.

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How to build an audience for your social media profile with Vahe Arabian

So you’re making the investment into your marketing content. That podcast is going out each week. Twitter’s running hot, and you’re writing detailed articles on medium pretty frequently.

But how do you grow your audience? Are you spending too much time uploading and editing and not enough time on the actual production, and issue content really providing value, where there’s both demand and a lack of existing solutions?

In this week’s episode, we’re going to really be looking at what it is to take your publishing to the next level, grow your audience, be innovative into something that once you’ve started your publishing, and you’re really putting the time in to grow your audience and to help us on that journey, we’re joined by Vahe Arabian, who is the founder of State of Digital Publishing, which is at the very forefront of new media and digital publishing.

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