If your vision is authentic, it resonates

In this Guest Post, Emily Haydon founder of The Talent Connective shares some honest insights gained since launching her recruitment business. I never believed I had an entrepreneurial gene. But life can change a person’s drivers. And at some point, my desire to create something outweighed my fear 1000 to 1. I now believe, if your […]

What question would you ask Richard Branson?

What would you do if Richard Branson was willing to help your business, and you had one hour with him? I’d argue that you’d struggle the get the value that you assume would come. There’s no doubt Mr Branson is a marketing/brand/business legend with a track record, knowledge base and life experience that’d be hard […]

4 Reasons why Founding a Startup is like ‘The Lego Movie’

(I have this face 50% of the time running my startup…) I found myself watching ‘The Lego Movie’ with my kids on the holidays and couldn’t help but notice some key similarities in the storyline with my experience founding my startup, BenchOn. Here are my 4 reasons why:   Everything is Awesome! You know the […]

Slowing Growth? Lies, damned lies, and statistics

During a conversation yesterday an Investor/Director questioned a founder about their “slowing growth”. This didn’t sit well with me but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Then I realised that the idea of ‘slowing growth’ is damn close to an oxymoron when taken in the wrong context. Take a look at the chart below ….. […]

Facebook video remarketing – turning passive viewers into customers

After slaving away on a great piece of new video marketing content, you upload and boost it on Facebook, then watch the views climb –  while the likes and comment trickle in slowly. Sometimes you’ll meet with colleagues and friends who’ll tell you they loved your video, yet they didn’t like, comment or share it. […]