How to look big while spending small in Adwords

Act big with a small budget

So here’s the scenario, your Startup has entered a market with a dominant player. You have your USP, but with the classic innovator’s dilemma, it’s hard to market a product or feature people don’t know exists. You can see your target customers conducting generic searches on Google. However, the dominant player is in there already, […]

Is there such a thing as a maximum viable product?

MVP Quality

If you’ve been in the startup world for a while, you’ll be familiar with the phrase ‘minimum viable product’. Logically, if there’s a minimum then much must be a maximum right? For me, a maximum viable product is the most of a product the market is willing to accept. Therefore it stands to reason you […]

The Introvert’s conference Cheat Sheet

I’m in in Sydney (I live in Brisbane ) and I’ve been really excited. So what? I hear you say… We’ll I’m an introvert. I work from home and love it. I recharge my batteries in my own head, and the idea of being in a group of five or more people without a […]