You know Fractal is the right partner if...

  • Your current customers love you, but new ones can’t figure out what you’re selling
  • Your company has long sales cycles and struggles to close a sale, so you’re losing out to the competition
  • You have high customer churn
  • You’re under price pressure

Marketing strategies and implementation so you can:

  • Discover your ideal customer
  • Build marketing systems that scale with you
  • Focus on your product
  • Position your company for success

Customer inertia is your greatest enemy - Greater even than your competition

"My biggest mistakes usually came because I didn't pay attention to advice."
- Gerard Doyle

who is fractal?

Fractal is not just another agency. We work as a hybrid of an agency and a consultancy. We’re an agency that rolls up their sleeves. As a consultant, my job is to advise, but not like you’ve seen before. We’ve all met those consultants that advise, give you pages and pages of research and Ibis reports, then they walk out the door and leave you to do it all yourself.


Owner/Creative Director


With more than 20 years of experience, Gerard is a veteran of marketing. Gerard’s career is a blend of agency and Startups, which he uses to provide a unique and innovative approach to his marketing strategies. Gerard’s Startup experience uniquely positions him to help businesses navigate through rapidly evolving marketplaces that are always under the threat of disruption. After spending ten years in London, Gerard has vast international experience working with some of the biggest global brands, including HP, GM, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Burberry


Fractal’s office manager


Anna is Fractal's Ninja, with years of experience in Administration and Project Management in several industries. She keeps everyone on track, manages the administrative work and makes sure that the projects are flowing smoothly.


Performance Marketing Director


From a long and varied history in online marketing, paid ads and assisting businesses of all shapes and sizes - Andy brings a deep understanding of the platforms, systems and best practices to the Fractal team.


Content Writer


Tim is a young writer with a huge passion for storytelling. He brings a clean and creative flair to content creation for all of Fractal's clients, from their long-form articles to their most minute copy editing.


Account Manager


Client Accounts


Performance Content Consultant


Meg is recent QUT graduate, earning a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Entertainment. With a passion for data driven creative advertising, and a keen interest in digital marketing, Meg helps Fractal craft content which captures target audiences while reflecting brand identity.


Digital Analyst


Dwayne is a recent Marketing Graduate from Queensland University of Technology. Being able to assist growing companies not only excites Dwayne but also inspires him. Through a data driven analytical approach, he is able to provide tangible results that ensures clients are understanding the nitty gritty of results and the best way to approach them.

You’ve bet everything on your start-up, but what you don’t need to be told is that you’re going to be successful. You need to be told what’s achievable and how to go about achieving it.

what fellow founders say:

founders & marketing

Marketing requires somebody to be on top of all the tactics, all the trends, all the things that are moving and changing. There are new platforms. There are new bidding options. Every day, these things change. That knowledge is what Fractal provides. I'm looking at marketing every day, every minute, thinking about what we can do to get your product in front of the person you want, using the right tactics, tricks and tools.

Gerard Doyle

Founders can get lost in a sea of marketing options, diluting focus from their organic business. 

In the startup phase, putting the various complex pieces together is challenging. Meshing a marketing strategy to fit your customer personas, traffic sources and customer feedback can get messy and complex.

We help to guide you through this process, piece by piece, with regular consulting and practical assistance, looking at things through both a macro and a micro perspective.

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